8 Natural Ways to Ease the Menopause ...


8 Natural Ways to Ease the Menopause ...
8 Natural Ways to Ease the Menopause ...

They say that two things in life are certain – death and taxes. If you’re a woman, you can add the menopause to that. We’re all going to go through it, but most women dread this natural event. Some are lucky enough to experience only mild symptoms, but if you are suffering more severely, there are natural ways of alleviating the symptoms.

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Agnus Castus

This herbal remedy is said to work on the pituitary gland, which controls hormones. It’s long been used for ‘female’ problems.



This is a good method if you don’t like the idea of taking herbal medicine. It’s like acupuncture, but without the needles, so give it a go if you’re squeamish about needles.


Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh Photo Credit: milesizz

Black Cohosh is one of the most widely used remedies for menopausal symptoms. It’s also been studied and found to be better than HRT. Given that HRT carries certain risks, it’s well worth trying the natural route.


Evening Primrose Oil

Although this does not help with hot flushes, the symptom that everyone dreads, it does improve others, such as painful breasts and mood swings. Easy to find, and cheap.


St John’s Wort

St John’s Wort Photo Credit: audreyjm529

This is well known as a natural anti-depressant, so can help with any feelings of depression that may appear at the menopause (many women find the loss of their fertility difficult to deal with). It would be especially good if you don’t like the idea of taking anti-depressants.


Avoid Stress

The changes that are occurring in your body can be stressful, so try to minimise additional stress. Make sure that you find time for relaxation – yoga and gentle exercise are beneficial.



Soya has long been known to be helpful in alleviating menopausal symptoms, and it’s also an extremely healthy food. Include lots of soya products in your diet long before you reach the age of menopause, and this should help in the long term



Sage Photo Credit: sporkist

This is available in capsule form, and can help with hot flushes and sweating. It is also useful for the memory – maybe I should start taking it now (I have a terrible memory!)

Have you known anyone benefit from natural remedies for the menopause? Are you anxious about going through it, or does it seem a long way off? What was your mother’s experience?

Note – always consult your doctor before taking herbal remedies, as some can interact with other medicines.

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Thanks. I just sleep to avoid PMS feelings and sometimes chocolate also helps me.

This post is helpful........but can you tell some remedies for PMS?

I gone through the article. I do each of them all the time. But I am happy to see chocolate and ice-cream on the list.

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