8 Things to Help with Indigestion ...


8 Things to Help with Indigestion ...
8 Things to Help with Indigestion ...

Feeling like your stomach is about to burst because of indigestion? Well, we have all been there before but there is a way for you to avoid getting them often. Here are some tips to help with your indigestion...

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Don’t Overeat

Don’t Overeat Photo Credit: Cabinet de fumisterie appliquée

Sometimes, the price you pay for overeating is indigestion. So, slow down a bit and only eat how much you need,no matter how delicious that chocolate cake looks!


Cut down on Spicy Foods

I really like spicy foods, but these are a big cause of indigestion. If you get bad indigestion after you eat spicy foods, then just try to stay away from them and do not eat spicy food all the time.


Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Photo Credit: La Petite Méchante

Did you know thatsmokingcan also cause indigestion? Therefore, if you have been having indigestion a lot and you smoke, you should quit smoking. I know, it’s easier said than done, but it’s no good for your body anyway. Besides, smoking is not attractive at all.


Use Smaller Cutlery

Use Smaller Cutlery Does this sound odd to you? Why use smaller cutlery? This is a trick that people use in order to consume less food. So, this one would go hand in hand with number 8.


Eat a Banana

Eat a Banana Photo Credit: Dr. GORI ( PJr.)

Some have stated that eating a banana every day works for indiegstion. It acts like an antacid to get rid of heartburn. Some have also said eating papaya or pineapple can naturally sootheyour stomach.


A Teaspoon of Mustard

Hmmm … what do you think of this one? Someone told me that eating a spoonful of mustard works right away to get rid of indigestion. If you try it out, let me know if it works!


Avoid Eating before Bedtime

Avoid Eating before Bedtime Photo Credit: Annetta - so busy right now @_@

About 2 hours before bedtime, you should avoid eating anything. This will lower your chances of getting indigestion. Only drink water or warm milk before getting a good night's sleep.


Get Rid of Stress

There has not been any proven link between indigestion and stress, however, it is a known fact that stress can cause general health and digestive problems. Therefore, getting rid of stressin your life is a good idea. Try not to worry about things!

Top Photo Credit: QuEpAsA Boy!

And those are my 8 suggestions to help with indigestion. Do feel free to add to my list!

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Typos can kill me! How come My "KNOW" in the 1st comment became "NO"?

Drink plenty of water to wash out the system.

No your food allergen. Mild allergies may look like an indigestion. I have an apple allergy so having a piece of apple creats indiestion in my case.

Drink Ginger Ale. The carbonation helps to move things around in your stomach, and the ginger soothes your stomach nerves. My mom always would make us Chamomile tea with honey, and serve a very light next meal.

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