8 Natural Ways to Deal with Pests ...

By Alison

8 Natural Ways to Deal with Pests ...

I’m very much in favour of using natural methods and products for health and around the house. This is especially important because I have pets, so when it comes to dealing with household pests, as we all have to, I don’t want to use chemical methods. So I’ve been looking into some natural ways to deal with bugs and pests.

1 Mosquitos

These wretched little nasties have been treating me like a mosquito banquet lately. I’ve found a great way to put them off their meal though. Dilute several drops of citronella essential oil with water in a spray bottle, and make sure you spray it all over yourself. If you miss anywhere and get bitten, calm the itch by making a paste with bicarbonate of soda and water.

2 Cockroach

Urgh. Who wants these in their home? Luckily I have a very efficient cockroach killer to hand. Cats just love chasing and killing them, so get a cat for simple, chemical-free cockroach control. Apparently, lizards are very effective as well.

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3 Flies

Cats are quite effective here too, if my kitten is anything to judge by. As soon as she hears a ‘buzzzzzzz’, that fly is as good as dead. It’s also very entertaining watching her leap about trying to catch them.

4 Slugs

Do you get these revolting horrors in your garden, eating your plants? Take revenge by putting out a dish of beer. The slugs crawl in and die (happy).

5 Fleas

Does your cat or dog have these itchy little nuisances? Try a herbal remedy such as rosemary. Or catch the fleas and force them to join a flea circus.

6 Garden Pests

Do greenfly and other garden pests keep nibbling your beautiful flowers and tasty veggies? Simply spray the plants with soapy water. That’ll put an end to it (the pests, not the plant).

7 Ants

Ants Photo Credit: beccafromportland

There are lots of ways of dealing with ants, but one method is to plant peppermint near your house. This can also work on mice, so if you have mice AND ants, you can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

8 Kitchen Cupboard Pests

Do you get weevils in your flour, and other pests in your kitchen? Put some bay leaves in the cupboard. These are also said to deter cockroaches, so try it if you don’t have a cat.

Have you tried any natural methods of pest control? Which have you found effective? Or do you prefer the chemical method?

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Dry neem leaves is good to ward of book or cloth damaging pests.

Neem is miraculous medicinal plant. Good for teeth, skin and a wellknown antiseptic. It has a potential to resist chicken pox and thus in Indian spring it is a tradition to eat neem leaves regularly.



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