8 Ways to Care for Your Hands ...


8 Ways to Care for Your Hands ...
8 Ways to Care for Your Hands ...

Many women take great care to look after the skin on their face, but neglect one very important thing … their hands. It’s very important to care for the hands, as the skin is very delicate, and they can show signs of aging if not looked after. So here are some tips to keep them looking good.

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Sunscreen Photo Credit: Kit Kerames

Most people miss some areas when applying sunscreen, such as the soles of the feet and back of the knees. The hands are often left out as well. Remember that they are exposed for much of the year, so don’t forget to put on that sun protection.


Rubber Gloves

Rubber Gloves Photo Credit: jamie neely

When doing any household tasks, put on a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from water and chemicals. If you don’t have a dishwasher, use gloves when doing the dishes (a good tip is to apply moisturiser first, as the heat of the water helps the skin absorb the cream). Also use gloves when cleaning, as many products can be very harsh on the skin.



Apply at least twice a day, more if necessary. Use a rich hand cream and rub in until it has all been absorbed. You should use lotion every time you wash your hands - keep a bottle in your desk drawer at work.



Exercises Photo Credit: Raphael Borja

Our hands work very hard, and if you do a lot of typing or texting your fingers can get quite cramped. So spend a few minutes on doing some daily hand exercises. Stretch your hands and fingers to their fullest extent, clench your fists, and wiggle your fingers.



Pamper Photo Credit: Edmond North Orchestra Boosters

Every so often, take yourself off to the beauty salon for a hand treatment. An excellent option is a paraffin wax treatment, which leaves the skin beautifully soft. At home, keep your nails neatly filed and remove the cuticles, which will improve the appearance of your hands.



Red chapped hands do not look good! So don’t forget to wear gloves in winter. This will protect your hands from harsh weather, and on sunnier days will also prevent sun exposure.



Exfoliate Photo Credit: choowiewookie

Once or twice a week, give your hands an exfoliating treatment, to get rid of the dead skin. Use a facial scrub, or make one from sea salt and oil. Rinse off, then moisturise.


Night Treat

Night Treat Photo Credit: jianweilim

Are your hands really dry? Try an overnight treatment. Apply a thick layer of hand cream, and cover with cotton gloves. Leave overnight for super-smooth hands in the morning.

Follow these tips and your hands should stay looking good! Of course, we can’t completely prevent the aging process, but a few simple steps will help them look good longer. Have you any tips of your own?

Top Photo Credit: Helga Weber

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Love all the advice. I actually didn't realize there was exfoliate for hands, funky :)

I'll exfoliate, I'll apply sunscreen, I'll wear gloves when I do housework, but no way will I ever be able to sleep with cream and cotton gloves on my hands. Sorry hands, but not going to happen.

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