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7 Tips on Maintaining Good Fingernails ...

By Melanie

Who here likes to have healthy fingernails? Healthy fingernails are beautiful fingernails and we all know this. If you want to have healthy fingernails, then you need to follow my 7 tips on maintaining good fingernails …

7 Vitamin a and Calcium

Vitamin a and Calcium Photo Credit: ♪ §hel ♫

When you are lacking vitamin A and calcium, this will cause problems with your nails. It can cause your nails to be brittle and become dry. So, make sure you get the right amount of vitamin A and calcium.

6 Have a Balanced Diet

Have a Balanced Diet Photo Credit: near proximity

For healthy nails, you need to have a well balanced diet. This includes nuts, fruits and vegetables. You should have foots that are rich in fatty acids, proteins, zinc, sulfur, biotin, silicon and of course, calcium.

5 Drink Lots of Water

Drink Lots of Water Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery - Now on Twitter!

Your body craves water. It is important that you stay hydrated. Besides, drinking water not only helps your skin, but it also helps your nails.

4 Minimize the Intake of Alcohol

Minimize the Intake of Alcohol Photo Credit: *Evelina*

It is important that you minimize the intake of alcohol. Alcohol every single day isn’t good for you anyways. Drinking too much alcohol can wreck havoc on your pretty nails. Why would you want to do that?

3 Don’t Bite Your Nails

Don’t Bite Your Nails Photo Credit: trannyshoes

When you chew on your nails, it can cause an infection. Besides, it will cause your nails to be uneven. Nails that have been bitten do not look so great.

2 Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery - Now on Twitter!

Do you know what you are doing to your body when you are smoking? You are also harming those nails. The nails should be naturally pink, not yellow.

1 Clean Your Nails Regularly

Clean Your Nails Regularly Photo Credit: emily RS

Did you know that you can actually strengthen your nails by keeping them clean and trimming them regularly? Strong nails are healthy nails.

You should also avoid putting harsh chemicals on them. Certain fingernail polishes have harsh chemicals in them as well, so you should choose your polishes wisely. Those were my 7 tips on maintaining good fingernails, do you have any other tips?

Top Photo Credit: Claire Bear.

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