7 Tips to Stop Biting Your Nails ...

I used to be a serious nail biter. No matter what my parents tried, I bit my nails as a kid. This continued until just two years ago. There were points over the years where I quit, but never long enough to let my nails get as strong as they needed to be. Strengthening your nails is a big part of not biting them, as you will see. Here are some tips to help any of my fellow nail-biters out there!

1. Paint It Black

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I have to say straight out that this does not work for everyone. While painting your nails helps a lot of people quit nibbling, some just don't care. I would go on biting right over the polish, which didn't leave the greatest taste in my mouth. However, a lot of people have luck with this method.

2. Paint It Gross

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If using nail polish won't work, painting your nails with some foul tasting substance can. There are lots of products like this and they really do taste awful. I know, because I bit my nails in spite of the junk I used, but if you have a lot of will power, this method is really helpful.

3. Olive or Vegetable Oil

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I read that rubbing olive oil or vegetable oil over your hands will help strengthen your nails. At the same time, it tastes awful, so it acts as a deterrent to nibbling. I might have to give this a try just to make sure I stay on the strong path. Has anyone else tried this technique?

4. No Fake, Jake

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Often, putting on fake nails helped me. It is very hard for your nails to grow as quickly as they would otherwise if they are hidden under fake nails, but it does act as a deterrent. You just have to be sure to do it safely, so you aren't damaging your natural nail beds. However, you can't chew on fake nails without a lot of effort, so it can start helping you get over the habit.

5. Distraction, Distraction, Distraction

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So something else! Knit, make friendship bracelets, string beads. Do something that involves your hands, because that will keep them away from your mouth.

6. Alternative Options

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