7 Things Your Nails Say about Your Health ...


7 Things Your Nails Say about Your Health ...
7 Things Your Nails Say about Your Health ...

Have you ever been giving yourself a manicure and wondered “what’s that funny bump?” or “why is my nail that weird color?” … most of us encounter a little nail issue once in a while, but if your fingernails are consistently looking somewhat odd, it can be an indicator of something besides the need to throw away that old nail polish! Here are 7 things your nails can say about your health…

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Pale Nails

As we age, our nails natural become lighter, a paler pink than when we were young. But nails that are suddenly paler than they were a few weeks ago can also indicate more serious issues, like anemia, or heart or liver disease.



If your nails have a yellowish tint, this really only means one of two things — your nails have been yellowed from wearing red polish for a bit too long, or you have a fungal infection. No worries, though. Most fungal nail infections can be easily treated…


Bluish Tint

A bluish tint to your nails usually indicates an issue with oxygen, most often causes by lung disease or diabetes. It can also mean you’re just cold…



Have you ever noticed little pits in your nails? Often it can simply mean that you injured your nail bed while the nails were growing, but if it happens a lot, those little pits can also be an early sign or psoriasis, or even arthritis.


Cracked and Split

If your nails are constantly cracked, split, or peeling away in layers, this can be a pretty clear indication of thyroid disease. The test to find out for certain is fast and painless… it’s such a good idea to find out for sure!


Puffy, Red Cuticles

If your cuticles and nail bed are red and puffy, it can be an indicator of lupus or another disease or disorder of the connective tissue. It could also mean you’ve irritated your cuticles with a harsh nail polish remover…


Blue-black or Purple-black Lines under Your Nails

This is very serious, since it’s usually an indicator of the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma. If you notice these lines (they run length-wise), it’s a very good idea to make an appointment with your doctor right away, since early detection of melanoma can mean the difference between life and death.

Those are just a few of the things your fingernails can tell you about your health, but it’s important to remember that just because your nails look a little odd right now, if they look fine again in a week, there’s no need to panic… but if they stay that way, you want to see your doctor! Do you have any of these nail issues? Or do you have any other weird nail indicators to share?

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