7 Things That Help Constipation ...


7 Things That Help Constipation ...
7 Things That Help Constipation ...

Constipation is one of those bodily functions that no one really likes to mention. However, it is a fact of life. Here are 7 things that help constipation that seem to work for most people. Some of these have been passed down from one generation to the next in my family and others I found online. I hope you can find one that works for you or someone else who is dealing with constipation.

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Cut out Refined Foods

Cut out Refined Foods Photo Credit: dragonx

Even if you aren’t able to completely cut out refined foods, you might at least want to cut back on them. Foods that are highly processed tend to have a lot of the nutrients taken out of them, as well as containing a lower amount of fiber. Eating raw vegetables will provide you with more roughage than over-cooked veggies with no crunch at all.



Molasses Photo Credit: MeetaK

Don’t take a spoonful of this gooey substance daily, since it does contain a lot of calories. If the flavor is too strong, then try mixing it with some juice or honey and don’t ingest more than a couple of tablespoons full. Mixing molasses with honey in a half-and-half ratio generally makes it very tolerable to swallow.



Apples Photo Credit: Sarai♥Beloved Fotography

Whether you drink apple juice, apple cider, or eat apples, these tasty fruits are a natural laxative. Maybe the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” refers to more than simply boosting the immune system. I read a recommendation for eating an apple an hour after a meal. This is supposed to reduce the chance of constipation.



Fiber Photo Credit: stayhealthier

Cereals, breads, and almost all products made with whole grains contain plenty of fiber. The body needs a specific amount to maintain regularity, when it comes to bowel movements. How do you know if something is high in fiber? Anything that has more than 6 grams of fiber is considered to have high fiber content. Barely is an excellent source of fiber and can be added to soups in the form of grain or used in bread in its flour form.



Apricots Photo Credit: .m for matthijs

Apricots almost always relieve constipation, but be careful not to overdo it. These tasty fruits can also cause diarrhea if too many are eaten at one time. Most people munch on dried apricots instead of fresh ones. They are a great snack and perfect for taking on the road too. I like to have a mix of apricots and almonds when I travel.


Prune Juice

Prune Juice Photo Credit: las - initially

My grandmother always swore by her glass of prune juice in the morning. I never found it to taste particularly good, but it does work to fight constipation. As do most fruits and fruit juices. Actual prunes can be eaten in a fashion similar to apricots, but these also can cause diarrhea and even dehydration when taken in excess. Some people have a hard time digesting prunes, so prune juice is actually a better idea for these individuals.


Sacred Bark

Sacred Bark Photo Credit: DevinHarold

I have a bottle of Sacred Bark, or Cascara Sagrada as some people know it, in my medicine cabinet. The recommended dose is two capsules, but I found this to be too much for my system. Talk about stomach cramps! I’d start off with one and see what happens. Be sure to give it at least a day to take effect, since some digestive systems take longer to kick start than others.

I’m sure you have some other remedies that can be added to this list of 7 things that help constipation. Please feel free to share them if you do! I know constipation isn’t something that people usually discuss openly, but thankfully there are plenty of remedies available. What have you found to help constipation that seems to work better than anything else?

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