8 Ways to Get Rid of Hiccups ...

Darn those hiccups! They’re annoying, not to mention embarrassing if you get them in public. Sometimes, hiccups can even be a bit on the painful side. For those of you wishing to chase them away, I have 8 ways to get rid of hiccups …

8. Water

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Oh yes, water is something you should grab if you are having hiccups. Drink a whole glass of water and if for some odd reason, you still have those hiccups, continue to drink that water.

7. Breathe into a Paper Bag

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You can also use this breathing technique when you have some stress you want to release. The next time you have some hiccups, grab a paper bag and breathe into it.

6. Gargle with Cold Ice Water

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Do you have hiccups? Then go get a glass of ice water and gargle with it. The coolness helps chase those hiccups away.

5. Be Afraid

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Whenever my daughter has hiccups, I always sneak up behind her and scare her. I tell her I was just scaring those hiccups away. It seems to work each time. It’s cute.

4. Pull out Tongue

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This helps to ease the vagus nerve and calms those diaphragm spasms. I know, this sounds odd, but it works. Try it the next time you have hiccups and see just how effective it is. If you try it, be sure to come back to the blog and tell us about it.

3. Drink a Teaspoon of Vinegar

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I know, some of you may not like vinegar. However, if it is something that you can tolerate, the next time you have hiccups, try drinking a teaspoon of vinegar. Wait a minute, after you do this, don’t go and kiss your mate!

2. Hold Your Breath for 10 Seconds

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When I am in the car or in public and develop those annoying hiccups, I always try to hold my breath. Try this – hold your breath and count ten seconds. When you do this, if they continue, do the process over again. It seems to work every time with me.

1. Spoon of Sugar

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This has always been one of my favorite techniques, because every time I do it, it has worked for me. This is a technique that I learned as a little girl. Have any of you tried it? Isn’t it neat how sugar chases those things away?

So, there you have 8 ways to get rid of hiccups. These are effective ways that should work. If one of them doesn’t work, then the next one will. Out of all of these techniques, which one of them is your favorite? My favorite, as I said, is number 1.

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