8 Ways to Get Your Toes Ready for Spring ...


8 Ways to Get Your Toes Ready for Spring ...
8 Ways to Get Your Toes Ready for Spring ...

No lie, my feet are in bad shape. I'm not talking about corns or anything like that, but I don't pay a lot of attention to my toenails in winter, since I wouldn't be caught dead wearing open toed shoes most of the time (okay, ever – not even with tights; too cold!), and the skin is so dry. Still, I've seen sunshine outside for the last three days, so maybe spring really is on its way, you know? In which case, it's time to get my tootsies back in order – and here are 8 ways you can get your toes ready for spring too!

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Moisturize Photo Credit: jewelboxofsad

First and foremost, you have to start up a good moisturizing regimen for your feet. You need to lotion them up like you would your hands and your face. Sometimes, when my skin gets really dry, especially on the heel, I use either Vaseline or milk based body butters and just slather it on, then pull on a clean, white cotton sock so it can soak in properly.



Exfoliate Photo Credit: blackcurrent1

Your feet and toes are actually a lot like your face, because you have to take care of their skin. It's important to exfoliate your feet so you can get rid of all that dead skin. This will also help you eliminate any of the calluses that built up over the winter months – always a good thing.


Clean up Your Nails

Clean up Your Nails Photo Credit: sciencephoto.com
You have to take good care of your toenails as well, especially when you're going to be showing them off in flip flops and things. Keeping them clean is really important – and something you can sometimes forget when your feet are always bundled up in socks. You can use a cuticle stick to get up under your toenails and clean them out really easily.


Beware the Foot Fungus

Beware the Foot Fungus Photo Credit: cailement

I know it's gross, but it's actually kind of easy to get fungal infections in winter – and you may not even know it. Athlete's foot is the most common one, and it can be treated with things like lamisil cream. You can see your doctor for other tips – or to see if you have an infection in the first place.


Prevent Problems

Photo Credit: goldstonehosieryinc.com
In spring and summer especially, when you can go around without socks, it's easy to get smelly feet. Like, really easy. And people will notice, of course, because you don't have socks and you're typically walking around in really open shoes. You can prevent this problem by getting liners, scented ones, and making sure to keep your feet as dry as possible.



Soaking Photo Credit: casanspa.com

You can do a lot for your feet by soaking them in warm water. There are various essential oils and things than you can add to the water for even softer skin. For that matter, even a dollop of olive oil or baby oil will do the job. I like to soak my feet in LUSH bath bombs as well!


Paint 'Em up

Paint 'Em up Photo Credit: awynhaus

Once your skin is in order, you can focus more closely on your toenails. Whether you like clear coats or colors, spring and summer are ideal seasons for painted nails. You might, like say, go clear, you might go neutral with black, or you might get a little jubilant with a saucy red or a bright bubblegum pink. Either way, you're good to go.


Pamper Yourself with a Pedicure

Pamper Yourself with a Pedicure Photo Credit: starush

If you don't want to go to the trouble of painting and shaping your toenails yourself, though, try a pedicure! I'll be honest, I'm dying to get a French manicure on my toes. What would that be, like a French pedicure? Whatever, you can really pamper your tootsies at the salon!

There are lots of other ways to get ready for spring, though. I start getting really into bright colors. How do you gear up for warmer weather?

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for me a pedicure at least 2x a month is a must

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