8 Ways to Get Your Toes Ready for Spring ...

No lie, my feet are in bad shape. I'm not talking about corns or anything like that, but I don't pay a lot of attention to my toenails in winter, since I wouldn't be caught dead wearing open toed shoes most of the time (okay, ever – not even with tights; too cold!), and the skin is so dry. Still, I've seen sunshine outside for the last three days, so maybe spring really is on its way, you know? In which case, it's time to get my tootsies back in order – and here are 8 ways you can get your toes ready for spring too!

1. Moisturize

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First and foremost, you have to start up a good moisturizing regimen for your feet. You need to lotion them up like you would your hands and your face. Sometimes, when my skin gets really dry, especially on the heel, I use either Vaseline or milk based body butters and just slather it on, then pull on a clean, white cotton sock so it can soak in properly.

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