8 Ways to Sneak in More Water ...


8 Ways to Sneak in More Water ...
8 Ways to Sneak in More Water ...

The human body is made up mostly of water, which is why it is so important to keep hydrated. Not everyone enjoys chugging a glass of water and some people actually find drinking water to be a chore. I've listed 8 ways to sneak in more water in the following post. If you find yourself avoiding the consumption of water or can't seem to get enough of this nectar of life, maybe these methods will help.

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Eat Soup for Lunch

Soups with a broth base consist of lots of water. Try having a bowl of soup for one of your meals. This will give you at least a little bit more water than if you were to eat a sandwich or bowl of pasta for lunch.


Drink Skim Milk

It might take a bit of getting used to, since skim milk is a lot thinner than 2 percent or whole milk. However, skim milk makes you feel less full, so you might be prone to drink more. Cow's milk is about 85 percent water. This means you'll be getting water and vitamins at the same time!


Use a Straw when Drinking

Studies show drinking through a straw entices you to drink more than you would if you didn't use a straw. The gulps tend to be bigger and less air is taken in, so ultimately you not only drink more water but you also drink it faster.


Drink Chilled Water or Add Ice

Cool water is absorbed better by the body. A glass of warm water won't take as long to be warmed up by your body, so it will pass through to the bladder much quicker. Drinking tons of water and running to the bathroom all the time just means you are flushing your system out fairly well, but it also shows your body isn't absorbing as much as it is able to. Drink small amounts more often rather than chugging only a few large glassfuls during the day.


Flavor Water with Non-sugary Mixes

Crystal light, green tea, and other mixes can be added to bottled water for individuals who can't seem to drink plain water. It's best to add mixes that don't contain tons of sugar so you are consuming something that is at least somewhat healthy.


Add a Dash of Lemon to Your Drinking Water

Lemon added to water helps cells absorb more water from the liquids you drink. A tablespoon of lemon added to a cup of water also helps cleanse the kidneys. The next time you are at a restaurant and the waitress brings you water with a lemon wedge in it, give that wedge a squeeze instead of tossing it aside.


Eat Fruits and Veggies

Most fruits and also quite a few vegetables contain a large amount of water. Citrus fruits are high in water content, as well as zucchinis, cucumbers, and tomatoes. If you can eat at least cup full of any of these fruits and veggies, you'll be getting more water.


Limit Caffeine

Caffeine causes excessive urination, which can cause the body to become dehydrated rather quickly. If you consume a pot of coffee with caffeine daily, you might want to start making half a pot with caffeine and a half without. Tea also has less caffeine in it than coffee does.

I actually like water, so I don't have trouble sipping on a bottle full all day long. I do, however, have many friends who find it very troublesome to get enough water each day. Many of these 8 ways to sneak in more water come from my non-water-loving friends. How do you make sure to get enough watch on a daily basis?

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