9 Remedies for Your Period Issues ...


9 Remedies for Your Period Issues ...
9 Remedies for Your Period Issues ...

I don't know any girl who actually looks forward to her period, but I know plenty of you look for remedies for your period issues. There may be times of relief when it finally does arrive after a non-planned pregnancy scare, but I still doubt that anyone truly LOVES to get her period. That'd because there are so many horrid side effects that seem to come with it! Add up all the cramping and bloating and cravings...it's enough to make any girl go crazy! Not to mention those around her of course! So I decided to write an article on possible remedies for those issues. You may not know this, but there are things you can do to make your monthly cycle easier on you! Ready to find out what simple measures YOU can take to fix those period pickles? Keep reading my article for 9 remedies for your period issues!

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Cramping is probably one of the worst period problems that women all over the world experience. Cramping occurs because a woman's cervix has to open a little bit in order to let your flow out. Your uterine muscles contract to shed its lining and that's what causes cramping. In order to prevent cramps, timing is everything. The morning your period is due to arrive, pop two over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain relievers and continue taking them every six hours. This ensures that the medicine stays in your system. While you wait for the pills to take effect, try applying adhesive heat wraps to your abdomen. They can be neatly concealed underneath your clothes!


Menstrual Migraines

Menstrual migraines are probably the second most-hated symptoms of our monthly cycle. Thankfully, there is a remedy for this period issue as well! Migraines are caused by blood vessels that enlarge in your head. To stop a migraine in its tracks, pop a painkiller and wash it down with a caffeinated drink. Why? It's believed by doctors that caffeine helps constrict blood vessels so there's your excuse to have that Dr. Pepper you've been wanting! Also remember migraines are encouraged by bright lights and noisy environments, so try and chill in a dark, quiet place. You may also want to avoid migraine causing foods and beverages, such as red wine, cheese and chocolate.


Breast Tenderness

Sometimes I feel like I experience the WORST breast tenderness in the world during my period! I hate this problem but one of the best tried-and-true remedies for your period issues is for breast tenderness. Breast tenderness occurs when your body retains more fluids, thus stimulating a hormone called prolactin. In order to counteract it, avoid salty food, alcohol and caffeine. Work in extra gym time and eat lots of potassium rich foods. Wear a sports bra during your period to cut down on painful bouncing.



Don't you just love not being able to button your favorite jeans due to bloating? Yeah, we all do. Bloating is when your body retains water. The way to stop it from happening is to eat potassium rich foods such as bananas, fish and spinach and drink lots of water. Sound crazy? If you avoid foods like chips, pretzels, fast food and prepackaged meals, your body will simply flush the water out like normal and you will remain hydrated. Don't skip your workout either! You will sweat away excess fluid!



One of the remedies for your period issues that is commonly known is how to deal with breakouts. Obviously you should cleanse your face and avoid picking and poking, but did you know that using a deep cleaning mask on your skin the week before your period starts is also beneficial? It kills those acne germs before they surface their ugly heads! Choose one with salicylic acid or benzoyl-peroxide in order to really combat acne. Also, avoid any types of scrubs during your period, which can only irritate your skin and cause more flare-ups.


Mood Swings

One minute you are fine, and the next you are sobbing over nothing. Then you find yourself in a rage over the smallest infraction! What's going on? It's mood swings and they are very common for women who are on their period. One of the remedies for this period issue is not very commonly known. Increasing your intake of vitamin D and calcium can strongly stabilize mood swings! So have three to four servings each day of dairy products-milk, cheese and yogurt. And work in some cardio! Exercise triggers the release of feel good endorphins in the brain, so let them loose honey!


Loss of Energy

I hate feeling drained and very fatigued due to my period. But it does happen! So here is a remedy for your period issue of lacking energy. As crazy as it sounds, exercise! Getting active will charge your batteries and give you stamina to get through the day. Avoid eating sugary foods. Yes, they do give you a rush, but it's short-lived and leaves you feeling very tired. And turning in an hour earlier than normal is a no-brainer!


Digestive Issues

I never knew that some women deal with digestive cramps or diarrhea until recently. If you deal with this problem, here's your game plan: The week before your period is due, avoid high fiber foods such as veggies, fruits and whole grains as well as junk food. Eat bland, starchy foods like rice, toast and potatoes which give you sturdier stool. You can try antidiarrrheal tablets as well.


Feeling Gross

One of the worst parts about having your period is the fact that you feel unsexy and gross. I hate that! The best way to make yourself feel better is to stay clean. Take a bath or shower, put on some makeup and wear nice clothes. You don't have to slum around in your sweats all day just because you don't FEEL sexy. Make yourself feel sexy! And try using tampons, which are much cleaner than pads.

Now that you know some great remedies for your period issues, your next period will be much easier than your last one! I hope you enjoyed my article. Do you have any other treatments for painful period issues? Please comment below if you have any suggestions or advice. Have a great day!

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yh she is right you should go to doctor once n see what dr will do for you

I hate it when I am on my those days. I suffer all of the problems listed here. I bloat to such an extend that my male colleagues tells me to do some serious exercise as I look fat and often get surprised how can I be so fatty within a week...booo. You told me to be on starchy food and avoid everything like fruits, veggies and dairy to avoid the digestive cramps or diarrhea but at the same time I need those and really have to cut down starchy and sugary products to battle against other issues. So what should I actually eat? Water and exercise are the only things which can be done...but my cramps are so severe that I can barely move ...cant do exercise really. I really really hate period.

@Denise above you gave great advice can you help me... I have my period all this week till probably about next Tuesday, I also have two tennis meets and two tournaments... Our uniform is a green tank top and a white skirt with attached white spandex underneath, any advice on how to keep myself totally protected other than change them regularly... Thanks so much

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