5 Foods That Could Ease Your PMS ...


5 Foods That Could Ease Your PMS ...
5 Foods That Could Ease Your PMS ...

PMS is a nightmare to deal with...whether you suffer from a mild form or a full blown rage, it can jeopardise your relationships and feel like it's taking over your life! There are some foods that can ease PMS and it's symptoms, though, so if you suffer badly, try adding these to your menu plan...

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Magnesium Rich Foods

In days 1 to 5 of your cycle, your body needs lots of magnesium. This will help to steady out your nerves and emotions, and make you feel much more stable! Walnuts make a great magnesium rich snack, and try to eat lots of spinach, salmon and whole grains too. You'll be surprised what a difference this can make to how on edge you feel!


Fruits and Vegetables

Between day 6 and 13, your hormone levels will rise, and your stress levels should fall. Make the most of this time by packing your diet full of fruits and vegetables, to increase your overall health and make sure you aren't deficiant in any vitamins and minerals.



Your senses are heightened between day 14 and day 17, so indulge in foods that satisfy them. Gourmet foods such as lobster and beef are best enjoyed now, and foods that take over your senses, such as good cheese and wine. These foods are good for you, and will help you to enjoy your senses!


High Fibre

Go for high fibre foods from day 18 to day 23. Your progesterone levels will peak around the start of this period, which slows your bowel function. Give it a helping hand and avoid feeling lethargic by adding brown rice, barley and high fibre vegetables to your meals. You'll also be much less likely to get constipation, and you'll have less fat-days too! Sounds good to me!


Carbs and Protein

The final days, 24 to 28 of your cycle, are usually the worst for PMS. Your blood sugar will be low, so boost it by combining protein and carbohydrates, which will provide a fast but stable boost. Ice cream is my favourite snack...it's still good for you, containing a lot of calcium, but it's delicious and comforting too!

If you've followed these steps, you should find your PMS is much easier to manage, as you've given your body what it needs exactly when it needs it! My sister has always suffered badly with PMS, but calls this her 'miracle diet'. It works so well, it's changed her life! Have you got a cure for PMS? I'd love to hear about it!

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I was waiting for the post.........yhanks. I love having chocolate.

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