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10 Different Fruits That Complete Your Child's Daily Diet ...

By Aprille

Today it's very important to eat your daily needed amount of fruit and if you have kids you need to make sure they eat fruits as well. You might consider feeding them different fruits in the week to make them enjoy each different tasting fruit and make sure they don't get bored. Please read my 10 Different Fruits That Complete your child's Daily Diet…

10 Grapes

Grapes Photo Credit: L-T-L

Grapes have many nutrients and vitamins that kids need in order to complete their daily diet. If you have a younger child, you should think about cutting the grapes up to avoid choking.

9 Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe Photo Credit: wagner campelo

All kids like eating these melon type fruits. They have a sweet taste and have loads of vitamins kids need. This fruit also goes with many different fruits to make a fruit salad.

8 Watermelon

Watermelon Photo Credit: inkyfingerz

If your kid is dehydrated and you need to get them feeling better, you should always give them a watermelon. A watermelon contains tons of different nutrients that kids need for a daily diet. They also contain tons of juice that isn't high on sugar and makes a great stable diet fruit.

7 Blueberries

Blueberries Photo Credit: LaStef

Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and help build a stronger immune system. They can be expensive time to time, but they are very good for your child's diet. Many people give this fruit to their child when they have a cold.

6 Strawberries

Strawberries Photo Credit: lisaluvz ♥ {busy}

Most kids go crazy over strawberries and like them as an everyday fruit. They have tons of nutrients that help them grow and help immune systems. You can do a lot with strawberries and make kids want to eat them every day.

5 Cherries

Cherries Photo Credit: Margot-

If you get cherries and want to add it to their diet, you need to make sure their pitted. They have pits that could hurt their teeth and could cause tooth problems. You might consider go through the whole batch of cherries and pitting them with a knife.

4 Mango

Mango Photo Credit: Chennette

Mangoes have always been my favorite. You need to have a knife to peel the outer peeling off to get to the fruit. It has a very sweet taste that children will enjoy and has tons of nutrients that can help their growth development.

3 Grapefruit

Grapefruit Photo Credit: Courtney Stewart Photography

We all know that grapefruit is a natural way to maintain weight, but for kids it's used for a good source of vitamin C. Grapefruit can taste very good if you cut the grapefruit in half and serve it with a sprinkle of sugar. You might want to cut each section for them to eat it with the spoon.

2 Oranges and Tangerines

Oranges and Tangerines Photo Credit: LukeDaDuke

Oranges and Tangerines are very good for your Childs health. You will find it is perfect for them to have this in their diet, because of the Vitamin C and other nutrients they have to provide. They also taste good and kids like things, that taste good.

1 Bananas

Bananas Photo Credit: *hb19 (R.I.P.)

A high source of potassium and vitamins comes from bananas. They are the best type of fruit to serve to your kids as a daily diet. They are cheap and easy to eat. No wonder monkeys like bananas. They have a good source of vitamins that help your child grow into a healthy person.

Fruits and other veggies are important for our kid's development to make sure they learn and grow, as they should. Parents always ask about what fruits to give their child to make them grow better. Almost every fruit out there has good nutrient and vitamins to make your kid grow strong and have fewer problems when they get older. Do you feed your kids these fruits?

Top Photo Credit: SissiPrincess

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