10 Delicious Foods That Are Good for You ...

We all want to cultivate healthier eating habits, right? I mean, no-one really sets out to sabotage their health by eating food we shouldn't be, so why is it so difficult to eat well? Mostly because we think healthful, nutritious foods are bland and boring. Not true! Here’s a list of the most delicious foods, and all of them are good for you!

1. Bananas

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Photo Credit: Julie Lavelle

Perhaps the world’s most perfect food, and it’s delicious, too! Bananas make a great sweet treat, and are very nutritious. They’re high in vitamin c, fiber, vitamin B6, and potassium (which you need to build and maintain muscles). They’re easy to eat, too, because you can add them to just about anything, like cereal, yogurt, granola, smoothies, and even salsa!

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