8 Foods That Fight PMS ...


8 Foods That Fight PMS ...
8 Foods That Fight PMS ...

Most women suffer from some symptoms of PMS, whether it is regularly or rather randomly. Luckily, I don’t suffer from it too badly, but my sister gets it horribly every month...from moodiness and irritability to depression, cramps and headaches, the hormones can really cause some problems. There are some foods that will help to fight these symptoms, though, and make the time much more bearable...here are the ones I’ve tried and tested!

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High Protein Snacks

High Protein Snacks Photo Credit: firoze shakir photographerno1

If you find that your blood sugar is uneven at the best of times, then PMS can tip it over the edge, and cause you your levels to be very uneven. Which leads to grumpiness, and irritability. Counter this by eating five small meals a day, rather than three medium sized ones, and eating high protein snacks such as bananas and nuts.


Whole Grain

Whole Grain Photo Credit: mwhammer

Wholegrain foods such as bread and high fiber fruits and vegetables should be the main points of your meals, as these foods increase serotonin levels and will leave you feeling happier and calmer throughout the month. Try to plan these ingredients into your meals month round, so you always have a good supply!



Water Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar

Up your intake of water as much as you can. Not only will this keep you hydrated and avoid headaches, but it also flushes out your system and detoxes you, and prevents bloating. I struggle with making sure I drink enough, but having bottles of water tends to help me remember that I haven’t drank enough, or having my boyfriend bring me drinks!


Cut out Salt

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In the week before your PMS time, try to cut as much salt out as you possibly can. Salt causes water retention, so cutting it out will help the extra water to flush you out and keep you looking svelte. Salt has also been linked with headaches, so you might find that cutting it out for one week out of four will make you feel much healthier.


Cut down on Dairy

Cut down on Dairy Photo Credit: 96dpi

Dairy foods are really good for you, and do strengthen your bones, but they also prevent the absorption of magnesium, which is essential during your period. If you think your diet may lack in magnesium, talk to your doctor about using a magnesium supplement...you might be surprised at how much of a difference it makes!


Avoid Caffeine

Avoid Caffeine Photo Credit: DodogoeSLR

You might think your coffee is relaxing and helping, but the caffeine could be making you feel jittery and on edge. This will increase irritability, and caffeine has also been linked to headaches and bloating, neither of which will make you feel great. Try switching to a caffeine free version instead!


Eat Fish

Eat Fish Photo Credit: racingsquirrel

Upping your Omega 3 intake will improve your general health, and your skintone. Omega 3 oils have also been linked with reducing your breast cancer risk! Tuna and salmon are excellent sources, and any fresh fish will contain a good amount.


Get Your Vitamin E

Get Your Vitamin E Photo Credit: peggy.

Sunflower seeds, olive oils, avocados and almonds are all great sources of vitamin E, which have been proven to decrease the sensitivity of your breasts and decrease lumpiness too. They are all really easy to include, too, as they make great snacks! I love avocados, they are so tasty!

If you follow this advice, you’ll probably find your PMS symptoms are much more manageable! My sister has said that these tricks have made her PMS much easier to cope with, and I’ve even found that they’ve helped me! I love not having to take any medication, as just controlling what I eat is working fantastically. Have you found a food that helps your PMS? Please let me know!

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