10 Foods to Never Put in Your Mouth ...


10 Foods to Never Put in Your Mouth ...
10 Foods to Never Put in Your Mouth ...

Everyone knows that some foods are bad for us, but why has there never been a list of the ones we should always be avoiding? It’d make life so much easier...don't you think? That’s why I’ve compiled this list of ten foods that you should never put in your mouth. Easier said than done but definitely worth a shot!

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Pie Photo Credit: VROG in Bristol

Okay, so not all pies are bad. Some are, though! Pie makers have got a bit sneaky recently... for example, here’s one I found at random. The box states 520 calories and 12g of fat... not too bad, right? Well that’s for half a pie... so if you eat the lot, like most people do, you’ve consumed a whopping 1,040 calories and 24g of saturated fat. Wow! I'd rather stick to a low fat dessert!


Olive Garden’s Tour of Italy, and Similar

Olive Garden’s Tour of Italy, and Similar Photo Credit: roxiemich

Everyone knows Italian food is lovely, and it can be really hard to choose between it... so restaurants have started serving the Tour of Italy, a combination of lasagna, chicken parmigiana and creamy fettuccine alfredo... sounds divine, right? For 1,450 calories, you’d need it to be! It also contains 33g of fat, and if you have the salad and a bread stick too, you’ve consumed 2,000 calories. Nearly a whole day's worth! And what if you decided to have a niceglass of winealong with it? *gasp*



Soup?! Photo Credit: ilmungo

I always thought soups were diet friendly... some of the ones I looked at were horrific. Most of the cans state lovely low calorie and salt levels, but usually quote them for half or a quarter of a can when everyone has the whole can! Check the levels on your favourite... if you really love soup, making your own is a brilliant way to lower the calories as you don’t need to add preservatives, or try to go for a low sodium variety.

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Ice Cream

Ice Cream Photo Credit: ulterior epicure

Okay, ice-cream may make for a greatcomfort food but it doesn't exactly scream healthy.That means you can have a little, though, right? Half a cup of one of the most popular varieties provides half a day's worth saturated fats and 300 calories and who on earth can stop at half a small cup?!



Cheesecake Photo Credit: t-squared

Looking for a low fat pudding? Everyone I know chooses cheesecake, thinking its much healthier then getting a gateau or chocolate cake... maybe not! A random example stated that it contained chocolate cake, brownie, chocolate pecan and chocolate chip cheesecake, and each slice has 1,550 calories and 32g of sugar! That’s three quarter-pounders!!

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Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Roll Photo Credit: Glorious Treats

I love cinnamon, and always thought it was fairly healthy, definitely more healthy then chocolate roll. Right? Err, no. Just a slice of one of the most popular brands contains 310 calories, 2 grams of saturated fat and 2 ½ of trans fat, definitely not good for a healthy heart.



Popcorn Photo Credit: musicpb

Nothing to go with aromantic movie like microwavable popcorn... I love that stuff, especially the sweet. It’s not too bad for you, either... or so I thought. Some very popular bags contain 9g of trans fats, and 3g of saturated fat... Look for a fat free version, or make your own! It's much, much healthier!



Starbucks Photo Credit: Stoichiometry

Everyone loves a Starbucks, but just how much of a guilty pleasure is it? A huge one, if you choose a Venti Cafe Mocha, which has 580 calories and 15g of fat. You can cut 130 calories and most of the fat if you order without cream and milk, but you’d be better off making your own. A much less guilty pleasure!



Burrito Photo Credit: Wodetzki

Sandwiches are healthy, right? This one isn’t! Containing tortilla, rice, pinto beans, chicken, cheese, sour cream and salsa, it has a whopping 970 calories and 17 ½ of saturated fat. It also contains more than a day’s salt allowance! I'd rather stick to eating ahealthy saladinstead.


Birthday Bucket

Birthday Bucket Photo Credit: sandra..

Gone are the days when you’d bring your own cake to a restaurant... these days they have birthday buckets, which has something for everything. Cold Stone Creamery Gotta Have It Founder’s Favourite was a favourite of mine until I saw what is in it... it’s only 12oz, but contains 1,600 calories and 42 grams of fat. Wow!

Sure most of these things are just yumm and probably even foods to help you with a broken heart. But avoiding these foods will mean you consume much less ‘accidental’ calories, and should keep you motivated to stick to your diet! I was so surprised to see how many calories some things have... Have you seen a shocking amount of calories, salt or fat? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: floralgal

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Starbucks is my vice! I had no clue how bad it was for you until I started watching what I eat. Ladies, if you want a free iPhone app to help you lose weight check out "Lose It." It's great and tracks fast food, brand name food and meals you make yourself. It's helping me kick my Starbucks addiction :]

uhm ! I eat and sleep bt am still slim like broom please what is wrong with my life????????......

Oh nooo i eat most of these things D: And I'm eating chocolate right now as I type. WHYYYYYYY can't they be tasty and low fat?

When i get sad i neglect to eat, these food could really help me through tough times. If i could force my self to eat a few cups of ice cream i could continue my weight gain

THANKs so much for this research! Hopefully I'll keep this in mind and finally lose those pounds I've been dying to shed!! the thing about Popcorn though is that it can really be great for diets. If you eat fat free (butterless) air popped popcorn, you'll fill up on air and a small amount of calories. It's a great snack :)

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