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10 Things Girls Arent Supposed to Love ...

By Alison

There are many things that are only supposed to be of interest to the male sex. Well guys, we’re not letting you keep them to yourselves any more. Here is my list of things that girls aren’t supposed to love.

Table of contents:

  1. trains
  2. computer games
  3. football/soccer
  4. action films
  5. zombie films
  6. diy
  7. skating
  8. playing in bands
  9. poker
  10. speaking of muscles bodybuilding

1 Trains

I had a train set as a small child, which was very unusual in the early 70s. Clearly I was a toddler feminist. I must emphasise that I have NEVER been into trainspotting, before anyone mistakes me for a nerd.

Photo Credit: Kid's Birthday Parties

2 Computer Games

I know plenty of girls devoted to their consoles. Someone told me of a very sweet, girly friend of his, who undergoes a complete personality change when she picks up an Xbox. It’s all-out war …

Photo Credit: Nahuel31

3 Football/soccer

Again, I know girls who are football fanatics. In spite of what men might think, this is nothing to do with the players’ looks. Although on my part, the only time I take an interest in footy is during the World Cup. All that good-looking foreign totty running round in shorts ….

Photo Credit: marcp_dmoz

4 Action Films

I cannot stand chick flicks. Romantic comedies leave me cold. Give me a shoot-em-up action flick any time. Car chases, mayhem and explosions …. cool.

Photo Credit: Kris Kros

5 Zombie Films

I just cannot find anyone who shares my passion for the genre. Without exception, they think I am weird. They may well be right, but it has nothing to do with a passion for zombie flicks.

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We can attempt to fix things with just as much enthusiasm as any ham-fisted male, it’s just that men don’t like us to try. They are scared of finding out the truth - that some of us are really quite good at DIY. Give me some flat-pack furniture and I’ll have it assembled before you can read this article.

Photo Credit: the brownhorse

7 Skating

Tell that to all the girls I see whizzing around doing tricks on their skateboard (and not falling off like the boys).

Photo Credit: Ana Santos

8 Playing in Bands

Hey, not all girl bands are pretty little miming puppets. Some of them can actually PLAY instruments and write songs.

Photo Credit: *k a t i e*

9 Poker

Actress Jennifer Tilly is a competitive poker player and rather good too, from what I hear. Forget the image of a bunch of guys in a smoky room, the girls are muscling in.

Photo Credit: losvizzero

10 Speaking of Muscles Bodybuilding

Not to my taste in either sex, but women are in those gyms, competing and showing off muscles most men would envy.

Photo Credit: James Cook Show

Do your hobbies fall under ‘typically masculine’? Does it drive you mad when people say ‘but girls don’t do that’?

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