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8 Things That Break BFFs up ...

By Melanie

BFF relationships sometimes do not last forever and we both know that. If you have a BFF relationship that has ended, then you know what I am talking about. Below, I am going to give you 8 things that break BFF relationships up that I have witnessed at least once …

8 The Family

The FamilyPhoto Credit: grace_photography

The parents no longer let the two of you spend time together. This is one thing that breaks BFF relationships up, but with this one, there is always a reason behind it. Parents always have a reason.

7 The Wrong Crowd

The Wrong CrowdPhoto Credit: ladysophia

Some people drift out and join the wrong crowd. Many friends end up getting caught up in another crowd and the BFF does not like this, so she does not go. Sometimes, things are for the best.

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6 Dating the Boy She Likes

If you date the boy she likes, then the relationship may come to an end. You should never date a boy that you know your BFF likes – this isn’t nice at all.

5 You Just Drift Apart

People just drift apart from time to time. This is something that just happens and there is no explanation for it, except things just aren’t the same anymore.

4 Different Opinions on Life

Different Opinions on LifePhoto Credit: mollybob

Every now and then, when you grow up, you have different opinions on life, which can break your BFF relationships up if you are not careful. Do you have a story to tell in this situation? What was the outcome?

3 Work

WorkPhoto Credit: ClaudiJay

Sometimes, work breaks up BFF relationships. You know, because when there is work, you do not have much time for them anymore. I know, this is a sad fact, but I have known this to happen to some people before. Can you and your best friend get through the test of not having much time? You can still make time for each other.

2 Different Schools

Different SchoolsPhoto Credit: lolilpopmika

Sometimes, parents have to move, which means we go to different schools. When we go to different schools that are far away, we tend to find new best friends to hang out with. Do you know what I mean?

1 Boys

BoysPhoto Credit: llulu

Boys seem to get in the way of some relationships. We see it all the time in movies. Then, in the end, there is forgiveness when they realize the boy is no good for them. Did your BFF relationship almost end over a boy? If so, tell me about it.

Those are 8 things that break BFF relationships up that I have witnessed. I know, it’s sad when this happens, but life does go on and you can find a new best friend to hang out with and go shopping with. Share your experience on this matter with me. How long have you and your BFF been best friends?

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