5 Things That Annoy Most People...



That will not only annoy me but give me migraine as well. But if you are looking for ways to annoy people, you might want to consider planting these smelly plants in your garden.

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Reality Stars Acting like Jerks

Case in point: Spencer Pratt. Don't get me wrong, there is something about Heidi that makes me want to cringe, too, but Spencer has been being extra annoying lately, no?


The girl who is drunk almost every night. The girl who can never find her way to her dorm room after a night (or afternoon) of partying hard.


Oh, my boyfriend hated this about Bella. Yes, he watched Twilight. But really, it was annoying how she was leading both Edward and Jacob on. Ugh!



Have you guys read the latest news about Morrissey? Check out the link and you be the judge. I'm shaking my head in disappointment.

What have you read online lately that annoyed you? Care to share with us the things you find annoying?

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LOL,,,,,,soft music before sleep effect!

Snoring people really annoy me.

i hate spencer so much! and my sister used to date someone just like him.... i'm so glad they broke up :)

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