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5 Things We Don't Need...

By Meream

1 Bad Days

I don't know about you but bad days can really take a toll on me. I don't mind having a huge crisis to deal with but a day full of annoying little things is just, well, annoying. Check out the link for things that can help you deal with bad days.

2 Things That Go Bump in the Night

That's right, I think we don't need scary things/creatures! I am a scaredy-cat and could use a world without bloodsuckers. The chupacabra (they're not real, I know) can be an example.

3 Celebs Who Try to Bend the System

Lindsay needs to take getting better and clean more seriously. And the authorities should be more strict with her! She can still turn her life around if she just commits to staying clean.

4 Bloodsuckers

As in mosquitoes. They certainly have this knack for ruining a quiet or romantic time out in your yard. Check out the link to know how to get rid of these tiny bloodsuckers.

5 D-Bags

That would be a douchebag. Do you know one in real life? Do you wish he'll change or that you can un-friend him in any way?

So dear readers, what other things do you think we don't need in life? We'd love to know your ideas, from silly to very serious.

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