8 Things NOT to Disclose on Facebook ...


Facebook and other social networks have become a very popular way of communicating with friends or family, and sharing your thoughts. Like many things, it is a great idea in principle, but must be used with a certain degree of caution. You should always be careful about what you share on Facebook – especially the following subjects … these are 8 things you do not want to disclose on Facebook...

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Anything regarding Your Job

Many a Facebook user has fallen foul of their bosses by posting derogatory comments about their job. Apparently, many firms also do a Facebook search on prospective employees, so if you are job-hunting, do be aware that posting pictures of yourself flashing may not impress potential employers …


Personal Details

Personal Details Photo Credit: pantagrapher

You might think that posting the odd bit of information won’t do any harm, but people can take what you post and put it together to acquire quite a lot of information about you. So do be cautious – don’t give away details that could identify where you live and when you’re going on holiday, for example, or your phone number.



Secrets Photo Credit: Nanihta

Anything you wouldn’t want other people to find out should be kept well away from Facebook. Even if you restrict it to friends only, remember that this is a networking site, and that comments may be passed on.


Intimate Photos

Intimate Photos Photo Credit: lindley rebecca.

You might think it’s a laugh putting up photos, but what if your privacy settings aren’t as private as you think? Don’t take the chance.


Third Party Info

Third Party Info Photo Credit: Kenny Maths

Be very careful what you reveal about other people. Posting comments about them on Facebook may lead to others finding out something the person would rather keep secret. For example, their family may not know they are gay, or what they do for a living.


Email/IM Addresses

Make sure that these are not accessible. Anyone who you want to have it already will. What you don’t want is complete strangers, or ‘friends of friends’ accessing them and sending you messages.


Embarrassing Details

Embarrassing Details Photo Credit: Shannon*Nicole

This is as much to protect your friends as yourself. Do they really need to know about your sex life or medical procedures? Only post things like this if everyone on your list is a very good friend … even then, do be cautious …


Anything You Might Regret

Be very careful about posting in the heat of the moment. You may regret having said something, but even if you delete it another person may have seen it and taken offence. People can also misunderstand posts, as words can be misinterpreted.

Have you ever made the mistake of posting something you shouldn’t on Facebook? Do you think these sites are a positive or negative influence, or fine if used with caution? How do you feel about children and teenagers using them?

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Professionalism - when you have a job, you need it!!!!!

Sorry about the lack of paragraphs, I wrote the post with them!

It always surprises me when someone was careless enough to add their co-workers/boss to their friends list and then talk smack, what kind of person forgets something like that?!

IMO you also shouldn't post anything you wouldn't want your parents or other relatives to read! I've seen a lot of pictures or political cartoons that I liked but wouldn't share because I know other people who are important to me would be offended! I've wondered...I know you don't want prospective employers to see certain photos, but don't you think at least *some* employers would consider that what you do in your personal life doesn't necessarily affect your job? Or if the picture is labeled as being taken years ago? I understand if these things would cast a bad light on the company, but what if it's a silly photo like you in a "sexy nurse" costume (or a man in drag) at a Halloween party? Just curious.

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