7 Things to Never Buy at a Yardsale ...

Do you enjoy yardsaling? I know I sure do! It’s true that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure! I have found some great bargains at garage sales and yardsales. But there are a few things that you SHOULDN’T buy at yardsales- no matter what kind of deal you’re getting! Here are 7 things to never buy at a yardsale.

1. Underclothes

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Eeewww! This is the number one thing to NEVER buy at a garage sale! Unless it’s brand new with the tag still attached, don’t ever buy any sort of underclothing used. It’s unsanitary and disgusting. Besides, even if you do wash it with bleach you can never get stains out. This is one item you want to buy brand new!

2. Makeup

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Once again, unless it’s brand new and sealed or still in the package, don’t buy it! Even if the person tells you they never used it or only used it once, you could run the risk of getting an infection or a virus by using makeup from someone else. And if the seal is torn off or the packaging is gone, you won’t know the expiration date of the product. Be safe and buy your makeup new!

3. Personal Hygiene Products

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Don’t buy things like toothpaste, soap, deodorant or tampons at a yardsale. If they are brand new and in the box and you can see they haven’t been used, it’s fine, but don’t take a person’s word for it. You never know who to trust these days! And it’s better to be safe than sorry. You don’t know whose used it or how long it’s been sitting under someone’s bathroom sink!

4. Electrical Appliances

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If you find a DVD player for $5 or a blender for $3, I say more power to you! But before you seal the deal, be sure and ask if you can plug it in somewhere and see that it works properly. Even if you only pay $5, you don’t want to be out that money and be stuck with a piece of junk that doesn’t work do you?

5. Scratched DVD’s and CD’s

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Always check DVD’s and CD’s thoroughly. What may seem like the slightest scratch may be what keeps it from playing properly. You always want to check the disc in good lighting and make sure it’s smooth and doesn’t have any water spots or damage to it. It’s also good to open the case and make sure the DVD or CD inside is the one that the case advertises!

6. Stained Clothes

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Don’t buy a piece of clothing thinking that you can get the stain out or sew up the rip. While you can do this sometimes, it doesn’t always work the way you had planned. You wouldn’t pay for something from the store that had a rip, so why would you pay for something from a yardsale that has a rip? Spend your money wisely so you end up with treasures and not trash!

7. Anything That Doesn’t Fit Right

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If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t buy it! You will never wear it and you will have wasted your money. Don’t buy clothes that are too small hoping it will give you the boost you need to lose weight. While this is an admirable goal, all to often it doesn’t work and you’re stuck in the same rut-clothes that don’t fit you and you’ve lost all the money you spent on them.

Yardsaling is a fun, easy way to find a variety of neat things at affordable prices. But please do try and get the best deals for your money and pick up things you can definitely use! Do you enjoy yardsaling? What are some things that you would never buy at a garage sale?

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