8 Items You Really Should Discard ...


8 Items You Really Should Discard ...
8 Items You Really Should Discard ...

Hands up those of you who have nothing in their house that they need to get rid of. Hmmm, I don’t see any hands. Yes, we all have cupboards full of useless things that we never use or which are past their sell-by date. There are lots of items that have no use in our homes, and which we really should throw out, like the following …

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Mementos of Ex-Boyfriends

Mementos of Ex-Boyfriends Photo Credit: rocken

Unless it is something valuable. Getting rid of that would be silly. Photos go out. Cars stay.


It Might Come in Handy …

Yeah yeah. Some day you might use that thing that you can’t even identify. The thing that’s been hanging around for 10 years. Well you haven’t yet, so chuck it. If you utter the above words, then you are in danger of turning into a hoarder and disappearing under a mountain of useless items. Not the best way to go.


Broken Items

Broken Items Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan

You’ve always meant to repair that broken chair. Ask yourself this – do you know how, and is it worth it? If the chair is going to collapse as soon as someone sits on it, then the answer is no. Do you want it on your conscience if dear old Grandma falls through that dodgy seat?


Things You Dislike

Things You Dislike Photo Credit: Judy Knesel

Okay, so it’s a family heirloom, or a gift. What is the point of giving space to something that you don’t even like, use or enjoy? Get rid of it, and give it to someone who can make use of it.



Recycling Photo Credit: TheTransitCamera

Okay, I’ll admit to being guilty of this one. My recycling has formed a veritable mountain of cereal packets, toilet roll tubes and plastic bottles. For the life of me I don’t know why, given that the recycling bins are right outside my building. Time to chuck it out …


Out-of-date Food

Of course, it’s best to use food up, and not buy items you won’t eat. However, just about every kitchen needs a spring clean of food every now and then, so go through the cupboards and see what’s lurking at the back. If it’s passed the expiry date, out it goes.



Does it fit and flatter you? Then keep it. Anything that’s too big or too small, worn out, or looks wrong on you – get rid of it. If you still haven’t repaired that torn item, out it goes, as you never will. Keep wardrobe space for the clothes you really like.


Old Cosmetics

Old Cosmetics Photo Credit: pearled

I’m not convinced that some cosmetics need discarding quite as often as we’re told, but when it comes to eye makeup it’s not worth risking infection. Any lotions that don’t smell right should also be discarded. Also replace any brushes that are shedding hair.

Are you a bit of a hoarder, or one of those people with an incredibly organised house? What kind of things do you end up hanging on to? Do you even know what you have in your wardrobe?

Top Photo Credit: Julieanne Savage

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I can never throw anything out, it's annoying -_- Especially clothes, I always say I will fit it again :P

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