9 Diet Myths You Can Happily Ignore ...


9 Diet Myths You Can Happily Ignore ...
9 Diet Myths You Can Happily Ignore ...

Diet myths are EVERYWHERE! Not a week goes past without research suggesting that one of your favourite foods is hideously bad for you. Most of it turns out to be incorrect though, so how can you tell what’s good and what’s not?! Being healthy is enough of a stress without adding incorrect myths into the balance, so here are the top 9 myths to ignore...

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Myth: Coffee Dehydrates Us

Myth: Coffee Dehydrates Us Photo Credit: (Erik)

Coffee has been proven to have no diuretic effect on people who drink it regularly. In fact, as well as keeping us hydrated, coffee also boosts our antioxidant levels, which means its beneficial! What a relief...now I just have to learn to like the stuff!


Myth: Margarine Will Damage Your Heart

Myth: Margarine Will Damage Your Heart Photo Credit: PetersPic924

Until recently, this was a valid concern, as margarine is full of trans fats which of course is bad foryour heart. The margarine companies have changed this though, and all but the most budget margarines now contain good fats. Want to check your favourite brand? Look in the ingredients for hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats.


Myth: Eating after 6/8pm Will Make Me Fat

Myth: Eating after 6/8pm Will Make Me Fat Photo Credit: ckaiserca

This is a very common myth and it always seems to be believed! To disprove it, scientists carried out an experiment on monkeys, several times. One group had 94% of its calories after 9 pm, the other had 6% after 9 pm. Both groups weighed the same after the experiment. The only reason night time eating can be bad is if you are eating for the sake of eating, rather then because you are hungry and of course that is going to cause weight gain.


Myth: Eggs Will Heighten Your Cholesterol

Myth: Eggs Will Heighten Your Cholesterol Photo Credit: hk_traveller

A study was completed several years ago which suggested eggs could play a part in heightening cholesterol. This was quickly disproved, but the myth remains! An egg is actually a great start to the day, as it realeases energy slowly and will make you feel full for longer. And, it won’t affect your cholesterol at all!


Myth: Vinegar is the Healthiest Salad Dressing

Myth: Vinegar is the Healthiest Salad Dressing Photo Credit: cgfan

While vinegar does contain no fat, and less then three calories in a normal serving, recent studies have shown that vinegar isn’t the best dressing. Oil or cheese based dressings aid digestion, and increase your digestion of key nutrients from the salad. So next time you have that salad, indulge in a tastier sauce...it’s good for you!


Myth: You Need Eight Glasses of Water per Day

Myth: You Need Eight Glasses of Water per Day Photo Credit: 7oO7oO

Studies have shown that drinking eight glasses of water per day does not increase detoxification, or have any other health benefits which are usually said to accompany this. The best way to tell how much you need? Pay attention to your urine, and aim for pale yellow. You’ll be at your best when your body feels fully hydrated!


Myth: Eating Little and Often Will Make You Lose Weight

Myth: Eating Little and Often Will Make You Lose Weight Photo Credit: jessica mullen

Eating a small amount but more frequently is always quoted in diet magazines, but does it work? Most experts think not. If the same number of caloriesare consumed, weight loss will occur at a normal rate, exactly the same as eating three square meals a day. The little-and-often eaters often put the weight back on faster, though, as they have to increase their meal size. Make sure you are eating the correct portions, and stick to a normal eating schedule.


Myth: Brown Bread is the Healthy Choice

Myth: Brown Bread is the Healthy Choice Photo Credit: Harald Schmid

I was shocked by this one! Apart from the bran content, the difference between white and brown bread is pretty much non-existant...there certainly isn’t enough of a difference to claim brown bread is healthier! A lot of brown bread is just white bread dyed, which really surprised me. The benefit of brown bread? It boosts insulin levels, and contains grain. But Granary is thehealthiest of them all...


Myth: Raw Vegetables Are the Healthiest

Myth: Raw Vegetables Are the Healthiest Photo Credit: Zé Eduardo...

The argument for raw vegetables has always been that natural enzymes can be lost while cooking them. These enzymes are a bit of a mystery, though, and so far it isn’t known what they do. Cooking vegetables releases their antioxidants, though, which we know is good. So for now, steam or simmer your vegetables for six or seven minutes to make sure they are as nutritionally great as possible!

I was really surprised at some of these myths...I did give up eggs for a while, and I’m so glad white bread is not as bad as I was told, as I love it! My favourite myth, though? The water one. I hate water, so it’s such a relief! Have you heard a food myth thats simply not true? Please share it with me!

Top Photo Credit: Anumâ : Bee-Zee

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umm...the thing about water and your urine turning pale yellow... well...the only way your urine is going to turn pale yellow is when you drink a lot of water...and a lot of water means atleast 8 glasses a day...so either way you have to drink atleast 8 glasses of water each day...i've tried it and i know...and yes it's true that you start feeling much better when your urine turns pale yellow or you start drinking 8 glasses of water each day.

im sorry but you jsut made me worry even more! i mean water doesn't get rid of toxins! so what does this mean i live with toxins for ever DX and your pee doesn't automatically turn pale yellow you know? *looooooong sigh*

water;it cleans ur kidneys and helps maintain your body clean and able to digest your food easily. idk where you are getting this but im in my 2nd year of studying to be a dietician.

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