7 Things That Should Not Go near Your Hoo-Ha ...


First of all, I feel the need to give you a warning here, just in case some of you do not want to read this. By “Hoo-Ha,” I am talking about a female body part. If you’re ready to read this, then continue reading 7 things that should not go near your hoo-ha …

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Intimate Sprays

Intimate Sprays Photo Credit: wallyg

Yes, you may love those intimate sprays, but they’re not so great for you. Your hoo-ha doesn’t really need anything, except for some water and some soap to clean. Some of them have benzocaine in it. They could also mask odor that would give you indications to go to the doctor.


Jelly/Rubber Sex Toys

Jelly/Rubber Sex Toys Photo Credit: Mike Godlieb

You have to love sex toys, but you should stay away from those jelly/rubber ones. They have something on them known as phthalates. It could raise risk of allergic reactions and it could also raise the risk of cancer.


Pubic Hair Dye

Pubic Hair Dye Photo Credit: Lazybones Photography

Yes, your guy may love to see your pubic hair changing colors (if you have any), but you should avoid it. Pubic hair dye, even if it is made for “down there” has chemicals in it. These dyes can irritate you down there and that is no comfortable.


Anything Scented

Anything Scented Photo Credit: TenguTech

It can be tampons, soap, deodorant or body wash. If it is scented, then it is an infection that is waiting to happen. The chemicals will alter the smell of the vagina, yes, but it can also alter the pH balance and boost the growth of the yeast and bad bacteria.



Jewelry Photo Credit: Catherinette Rings Steampunk

You don’t have to worry about the dazzle of the “vajewelery,”it’s the glue that holds the diamonds together that you have to worry about. When it hits your skin, you may get an allergic rash.


Oil Based Lubricants

Oil Based Lubricants Photo Credit: stagshop

Yes, lubes can do amazing things, but this isn’t so if it is an oil based lubricant. Products that are oil based don’t wash off easily. Therefore, if you use an oil based lubricant down there, it is going to hand around for days.


Someone Infected with Aids

Someone Infected with Aids Photo Credit: shanghaiist.com

I’m sorry, but I have to include this one and it’s not to offend anyone. If someone has a sexually transmitted disease, such as AIDS, Syphilis, Herpes etc. then it’s best if they stay away from down there if you do not have the disease.

There you have 7 things that should no go near your hoo-ha. Now that you have read this blog, you can avoid some hoo-ha disasters and stay away from those 7 things. For my ending question to this blog, I’m not going to get personal. So, my question is – did you find this blog helpful? Why or why not?

Top Photo Credit: doobybrain.com

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Strange but interesting opening picture. In your list you should include sharp things like metallic toys or weapons.

the hiv comment was so ignorant!! with a condom there should be no problem, what if someone was infected by blood come on.. dont post senseless things like this what if your loved one got infected by a transfusion.. your comment was innapropiate, ignorant and senseless people infected with hiv are not aliens with your tone its like you are disgusted by them!

Everybody has the right to express his/her own opinion. If you don't like it, then drop it and move on. If you're not open to what other people think, then stop reading blogs. So much negativity!

Melanie I didn't think you were disposed towards hurting someone's feelings and I loved your replies. But I'm commenting above all because I love the picture at the beginning of the article asd!

Such as HIV or Aids?? They are the same thing, HIV develops INTO Aids... It is also not just a sexually transmitted disease, it is transferable by blood. I know you didn't mean to intentionally offend anyone, but the picture you've used for the HIV one is really a strange choice.

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