7 Things Not to Say at Our Next Job Interview ...

By Rebecca

7 Things Not to Say at Our Next Job Interview ...

Have you ever walked out of an interview feeling kind of uncomfortable? You know something went wrong but you’re not quite sure what? Don’t worry girls, I think everyone’s been there. Try not to beat yourself up about it. Think of it rather as a learning experience: you’ll move on and do better next time. To help you with this, I’ve put together a list of things you should avoid saying at all costs …

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1 How Much Will I Be Paid?

Unless the interviewers raise this question themselves, girls, don’t bring it up. Asking it gives the impression that you’re only interested in the money and not in doing the actual job at hand. Usually the money is discussed at the second interview, so save this question til then.

2 So, What’s This Company All about?

Avoid statements and questions that show you don’t know a lot about the business you’re applying to. Interviewers expect you to have done plenty of research before arriving at the appointment. Instead, ask detailed questions which prove you’ve done some reading. These are bound to impress and get you in the good books.

3 F#$K! (or Anything else Profane)

Girls, it might be a habit and you might think its okay, but avoid all curse words like the plague. Play it as safe as you can in terms of slang as well, and try to speak in language that is neutral and inoffensive.

4 I Left My Last Job Because It Was Terrible and Boring

Ladies, even if this is the case, don’t say it. All this kind of statement tells the interviewer is that your attitude towards work is negative. Give positive reasons for your moving on, such as ‘I was ready to go forward’ or ‘I’m keen to find something more challenging.’

5 This Isn’t Quite the Position I Want, but I’m Applying for It Anyway

Try to show the interviewers that you’re flexible and open to new tasks. Instead of point-blank telling them that this job isn’t right for you, explain how the skills you have will bring fresh insights to their company.

6 ... (saying Nothing at All)

Girls, I know interviews are nerve-wracking but try not to let your anxiety get the best of you. Answer questions as fully as you can and don’t leave awkward pauses lingering.

7 I Don’t Have Any Weaknesses

Often interviewers will ask you to list your short-comings. This is thorny question since you don’t want to give the impression that you’re useless, but girls, it is possible to swing too much in the other direction. Before you arrive at the interview, come up with a few areas of your character that you think need work, but don’t mention anything too serious either. The trick is to sound sincere, not arrogant or incompetent. For instance, you could mention how little you like to delegate...

What do you think girls? Got any interview horror stories to share? Or perhaps you have a few tricks of your own? If so, I’d love to hear them!

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OMG this is so true... I actually know some people who does some of the tings mentioned above

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