7 Things You Should Never Buy Used ...

By Melanie

7 Things You Should Never Buy Used ...

Last week, I did a post on things you should never buy new. Today, I am going to do a post on 7 things you should never buy used. Of course, I am not going to put things like panties on here, because you should already know not to buy those used. Are you interested in hearing what I would never buy used?

7 Car Seats

Yes, the car seat may look okay, but damaged car seats are not uncommon. The safety technology improves every year for these. Car seats aren’t that expensive either. With these, I always say buying new is the best option. You should never buy these used.

6 Tires

Mind you, some of you have probably purchased tires before in order to save a couple of dollars. I used to do the same thing, but now, I don’t. When you buy used tires, you do not know what you are buying. You don’t know if they have been in an accident before.

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5 Software

You should never buy used software. This is because most software will come with a serial number. If the software shows the serial number, that still does not mean it is okay, because on a lot of software, if the serial number has already been registered, you will not be able to use it again.

4 Mattresses

Just think, when you buy used mattresses, you could be sleeping on other peoples dirt, mold, mites, body fluids and goodness knows what else. Besides, even those good mattresses usually only last up to ten years. This is something you should always buy new and never used.

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3 Bathing Suits

I know, that bathing suit you found in that second hand shop may be really cute and hard to turn down, but you should definitely walk away from it. If you like it that much, you can get one just like it.

2 Footwear

I am sorry if this one offends you, but personally, I would never buy shoes that have already been wore on someone else’s foot. Besides the sweat in them, they have probably already molded to the previous owners feet.

1 Makeup

You should remember that makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria as well as numerous contagious diseases that you do not want. You shouldn’t even use makeup that belongs to a friend. The only makeup you should use should be your own. Sure, you may have found an excellent deal, but it could come packed full of cold sores and pink eye and I am sure you do not want either of those.

Those are 7 things you should never buy used. Now, for the software, there are certain ones that you can buy used, but if you do not know anything about it, then you should skip. For example, there are certain PC games that do not require a serial number, but then there are certain pc games that do require a serial number. If you buy any of these things used, then that is fully up to you, but seriously, I would avoid used makeup. So, what would you add to this list?

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Thanks for doing this post.. everyone should know! Most of the stuff in this list are disgusting!

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