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7 Etiquette Rules I Wish People Would Follow ...

By Jennifer

My grandmother is always saying how rude people are these days, and how much more polite they were when she was young. I always wrote her complaining off as old-lady grouchiness, until I realized she was right — we’re so rude to each other! We’ve completely forgotten etiquette and good manners. Gramma is right (though she is still grouchy). Here are 8 etiquette rules I wish people would follow.

1 Please and Thank You

This is one of the bits of etiquette we learn first, practically before we can even speak, so why do we stop using it so soon? It’s simple. When you’re asking for something, say please. When you get it, say thank you. It’s so easy, and so important, but so few people still use this set of manners.

2 No Cuts!

When we’re little, we also learn how to stand in a queue, but at what age do we forget, or stop caring? When does it become acceptable to just ignore etiquette and cut in line?

3 Tipping

I know that in some cultures and places, tipping isn’t widely practiced, but here in the States, in EVERY state, we’re supposed to tip certain service providers if they wow us with their service skills and attitudes. So why don’t people tip, or, almost worse, tip appropriately?

4 Excuse Me!

I can’t count how many times I’ve been elbowed, stepped on, and shoved with absolutely no indication of regret from the offending elbow, foot, or shoulder (or the person it’s attached to). How hard is it to say “excuse me” when you physically offend someone?

5 Belly Rubs

During both of my pregnancies, I suffered through countless unprovoked belly rubs (not to mention bits of advice). I didn’t mind, but I’m a touchy-feely person. I can understand, though, how disconcerting or rude it may seem to other women… so take note! It’s always polite to ask a pregnant woman BEFORE you touch her belly.

6 Grabby Sam

As a night-club loving girl, I was pinched, poked, and rubbed on by strangers more times than I care to count… not only is it gross and weird, it’s also rude! This doesn’t just apply to men, either, ladies. Don’t grab, fondle, grope, etc. My grandmother tells me this didn’t use to be such an issue, but I’ve seen movies from the era, and I know it happened, then, too. Also, this could apply to grabbing things away from people, which we also know is rude.

7 Phone Calls

It seems like everyone has a cell phone now… but we’ve all forgotten how to use our phone etiquette. When you answer a phone, say “hello.” Before you hang up, say “goodbye.” Make sure your outgoing voice message is at least somewhat professional, or at least not offensive. Again, we learned a lot of this phone etiquette when we were children, so maybe we just need to be reminded again.

Those are only a handful of the rules of etiquette I wish people would follow, but there are so many more. I’m certainly not perfect, and am always surprised at how often I forget my basic manners… shame on me! Which of these manners do you wish people would follow? Or is there another rule of etiquette you hate that people have forgotten (like people wearing headphones all the time)?

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