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7 Things You Could Regret Saying in an Argument ...

By Melanie

At a point in life, we get mad. Many times, we get so upset that we spew out words that we regret saying. I am the type that likes to think before I talk. Let me give you 7 things you could regret saying in an argument

7 “You Don’t Even Make Enough Money”

Wow, I’m not sure why you would be judging someone on the amount of money they are making, but this is one of those things that you could end up regretting in an argument. Even after the argument is over with, the individual you told this to could go on living life with the thought that they are not good enough for you because they do not make enough money in the back of their head.

6 “I Should of Married Someone else”

Eeek – I could never see myself telling my husband this one, no matter how mad I was at him. Of which, I barely even get mad at him, because he doesn’t do anything to make me mad. However, if your husband or wife makes you mad, you shouldn’t say this. You could go your entire marriage (if you have one left after this) regretting the fact that you said this.

5 “You’re a Loser”

Even if they really are a loser, you may regret it. If this individual looks up to you and you go and call them a loser, you could push them to suicidal thoughts.

4 “the World is a Better Place without You”

Wow, yet again, something to push someone into suicidal thoughts. Tell me what would happen if you turned around one second and this person was out of your life? How would you feel?

3 ”I Wish I Never Had You”

This one is from parents to children – it would break my heart if I were to tell my kids this. I can’t see how any parent, no matter how mad they are, could go and tell their child this. If any of you have ever said this, then I am pointing my finger at you and telling you “shame on you.”

2 “You’re the Worst Husband Ever”

Okay, chances are, he is not the worst husband ever and chances are, you are just over estimating things and need a chance to cool off. Go out for a walk or something – don’t let these words slip from those lips.

1 “I Wish You Would Just Die”

I will tell you right now that if you tell this to someone and it actually happens, you are going to live a lifetime of regret. I learn that you should never tell someone that you wish they were dead, even if you are saying it out of a joke. Death is a serious matter and is nothing to mess around with. One minute, they are in front of you and the next minute, they are gone – just like that.

You may also regret not saying anything during an argument – there are some things that need to be said, before you just walk out the door and move on – don’t you think? You should never leave or go to sleep mad at each other – I have learned this one at a young age. Those are my 7 things you could regret saying in an argument. What are yours?

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