8 Times when You Should Probably Lie ...


8 Times when You Should Probably Lie ...
8 Times when You Should Probably Lie ...

We are taught right from our childhoods that ‘honesty is the best policy’. And, most often, it is. But, life has a way of making exceptions to the best policies. That is why there are times when you should probably lie rather than tell the truth.

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Encouraging a Patient to Fight

This is perhaps one of the most obvious times when you should probably lie. If it is important that the patient should not get resigned and give up the fight for his or her life, it may become important to lie to them about their exact diagnosis.


Answering a Child’s Questions

Bringing up a child is not easy as children are intensely curious and have millions of questions about everything they see around them. However, there are many ugly aspects of life that there is no need for children to be exposed to when their minds are tender. It is best to lie about such ugliness when your child is young.


Reassurance to Your Parents

Your parents have done the best they could to bring you up in the best possible way. They are also aware of their shortcomings and mistakes. But, there are times that they need your reassurance. These are one of the times when you should probably lie, let bygones be bygones and let them know that you think the world of them.


Keeping Friends Happy

You may not enjoy your friends’ hobbies yourself. If your friends have done something that makes them happy or proud and they ask for your opinion, it is best not to tell them that you couldn’t care less about their particular accomplishment. It’s best to lie and tell them you think they did great.


Maintaining a Relationship

Every relationship should be based on the foundation of truth, but small white lies are sometimes the best glue to keep it all together. If you would much rather not lie, it is best to be non-committal rather than speak the truth and break your partner’s heart.


At the Deathbed

This is definitely one of the times when you should probably lie instead of speaking the absolute truth if it brings peace to the person who is dying no matter what the query may be.


Dating Someone Online

When you are dating someone online, you don’t know them well enough to share all your personal information. If asked for any information that you do not feel comfortable in providing, it is best to lie in the interest of your own safety.


Make Somebody Feel Happy

If saying a small lie that doesn’t hurt anyone, but makes someone feel better instead, you should probably go ahead and lie. For instance, if someone is worried about their looks after an illness, there is no harm in telling them that they look great when you meet them.

As you can see, there are definitely times when you should probably lie, but it is important not to do it to forward your own interests or to hurt somebody else. It is ok to lie if it helps make life look better to those around you.

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I strongly disagree with 1. My mom died of cancer last year and she fought for 3 years while knowing that it was really bad.

Great blog and I do agree with most of these choices. 7. Dating someone online - I think you should just come out and tell them that you don't feel safe giving them your personal information. Don't lie and make up personal information. At least, that's what I think in my opinion. Also, in a relationship, truth would be the best. ~Melanie

It is never right to lie. Ever. Period.

A relationship based on lies, even white lies, is not a real relationship. I want/need to know that my partner is always being honest with me. If they can lie about some things, then why not others too? And if you ever find out, even a white lie can shatter complete trust in a partner.

Still want to know the truth though no matter how hard it'll be

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