8 Clothes to Not Wear on a First Date ...

Planning your wardrobe for a first date is frustrating, even a little scary. You want to make a good impression, and in your desire to do so, it's not uncommon to choose clothing that you really shouldn't be wearing. I know that, back when I was still going on first dates, I'd make bad decisions, like going with something too formal or something I thought was flattering, that really wasn't. If you've suffered through fashion foibles like this as well, check out all the clothes to not wear on a first date.

1. Shirts with Messages

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Of all the clothes to not wear on a first date, shirts – especially tee shirts – with messages on them are probably the first verboten choice. Whether it's a funny message or a political message, you want to avoid advertising either your beliefs or your sense of humor on your clothing. Later, with someone you're seeing regularly, this is acceptable. On a first date, however, when you don't know the other person's humor or political leanings, you can make a bad impression at best, and even start an argument at worst.

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