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5 Things You Want to Avoid ...

By Meream

1 Sun Damage 1

Warm days are here! And yes, it's not a sin to soak up some sun. However, you will want to avoid getting unnecessarily burnt. What you need are these fab hats and sunglasses.

2 Sun Damage 2

Since you're already packing a hat and a cute pair of sunnies for your beach trip, there is no reason why you should forget a huge bottle of sunblock, too. You don't want to end up like these celebs.

3 Not Dressing up for Your Body Type

If you have a large bust, you will want to avoid tucking in, necklaces that reach your cleavage, and boxy tops. For more fabulous tips, head on over to You Look Fab.

4 Being a Bad Drunk

Oh those drunken adventures you would rather forget... Do you have stories to share? Check out College Candy for a list of the biggest drunken faux pas.

5 Not Getting Enough Sleep

Not only will this affect productivity, it can also lead to weight gain. After the link, you will read wonderful tips for getting more sleep.

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