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I’ve been fortunate enough to not have a whole slew of bad employers during my lifetime. I’ve listed the top 7 bad type of employers that I could come up with. If you’ve had any of these types of employers, then feel free to share how you handled this boss.

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Employers who fall into this category are often lacking the ability to make a decision and stick to it. They also tend to have a very weak character. These employers are often very meek and afraid of making others angry by making the wrong decision, hence their indecisiveness.



Being able to manipulate things is sometimes considered a strength, but not when the things being manipulated are employees. Bosses who feel the need to use employees for their personal benefit or entertainment are often considered and undesirable type of person. Controlling a person by insidious means is what most manipulative employers feel needs to be done, in order for them to be at an advantage.



It’s difficult to take an employer serious when he/she doesn’t know where the business is actually supposed to be heading. A boss who is unfocused is unable to become centered on anything at all. This makes it hard for him/her to provide proper leadership to the employees he/she is managing.



A forgetful person is probably not the best individual to be in charge of a business in the first place, but there are plenty of forgetful employers out there. Sometimes they run the business very well, but can’t remember what they’ve told individual employees to do or when important meetings are due to happen. Big wig employers who are forgetful tend to have a multitude of people who remember things for them.


Never Satisfied

This type of employer is extremely frustrating. I’ve had a couple of these in the past, both when I was still in high school. Thankfully they were just summer jobs or I’d probably have been even more miserable! Unsatisfied employers are disappointed in nearly everything their employees try to do. Sometimes they merely act dissatisfied to be mean.



Employers who have an aggressive side can be somewhat scary at times. They really know how to make a person upset and get into his/her personal space. Forms of aggression can be seen in physical behavior that is often deemed as harassment or it can even cause mental anguish in some employees of the aggressive boss.



Working for a demeaning boss is a quick way to be stripped of your self-confidence. Who wants to work for a person who belittles them all the time? I was never taunted by older siblings, so I don’t think I could even handle this type of boss, not even for a short period of time.

Bosses who fall into more than one of the categories listed above tend to go through employees like water. Out of the top 7 bad type of employers that I’ve mentioned above, which ones have you had?

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Demeaning and Agressive are the worst!

Oh i hate bosses that are forgetful and never satisfied

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