7 Uncommon Ways to Find a Job ...


7 Uncommon Ways to Find a Job ...
7 Uncommon Ways to Find a Job ...

When finding a job becomes mission impossible people often tend to opt for thinking outside the box and finding different ways to solve the employment issue. Some of these creative solutions do the trick, some would have probably worked, if the circumstances had been slightly different while some backfire regardless of the situation. So here are some of those interesting, slightly unusual tactics that might get you’re a job too:

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Colorful CV

This might not sound like a very radical move, especially if you’re not thinking what I’m thinking. This woman I know has gotten so sick and tired of sending out CVs and wondering what the hell is wrong with them and why aren’t they calling her to schedule an interview. So, the next time she was about to send a CV, she took her son’s coloring pens and made her CV more colorful than some of the world’s most exotic animals. Guess what? That CV is what got her invited to a job interview!


When Life Gives You a Lemon…

I’m sure you’ve heard about freelance writers, freelance journalists, freelance programmers and translators but, have you ever heard about freelance SHOVELERS? Yup they really exist and they will be more than happy to dig your car out of the snow or help you with any problem you might face due to these chaotic weather conditions. This set of two helpful hands will cost you anywhere from 20 to 50 bucks and the shovel is included in that price too. Now, I’m not saying you should go get a shovel and start working on a personal logo but merely suggesting to keep a look out on those needs that aren’t being taken cared of – you’d be surprised to know how many of them there is.


Right Place, Right Time

Some people are lucky enough to be on the right place in the right time – they magically save a businessman’s life, befriend an important CEO or just happen to be around the phone booth with a pocket full of spare change in time when a big business hotshot is experiencing a “cell phone malfunction” and needs to make an urgent business call. Now, if you don’t fall in this category, why not double your chances by hanging out on the right places and not allowing the right moment to slip away? Coffee shops, gyms, events business people attend – you’ll meet plenty of people and, who knows…the right moment may be just a couple of days away.


Hire Me!

One comedian was brave enough to ask for a million dollars on YouTube, so why can’t you use the same method to ask for somebody to hire you? If you can make it sound interesting or funny you’ll probably have plenty of viewers and some of them might just be in the position to offer you a job. A comedian I’ve mentioned above did get his million bucks and you might get a job too. After all, if you have skills and formal education that fit the job you’re planning to demand, your interesting presentation and courage can only help speed things up.


Paid Job-hunter

People are even willing to pay to get a job, so before you give up rationing all hope is lost, how about trying this unusual tactic? I know, I know, paying somebody to put in a good word for you doesn’t really seem like the nicest way to get a job, but it might be necessary if you want people other than your friends and family getting involved in your job quest. Helping hands don’t come cheap these days but, in case the owner of those hands knows a lot of people, offering a rational compensation for his time and effort might not be such a bad idea after all.

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer

Up Close and Personal

Check the sites of the companies you want to work in and, as soon as you see a vacancy for what seems to be the job of your dreams, do more than just sending all necessary paperwork. Try to schedule a meeting with a person that might be an important one for the decision making process and do everything you can to do impress him/her with your skills, professionalism and courage. The employers like people that are ready to take risks and persuade the other side they are the ones ideal for the job. And, if your future job involves sales of any kind, demonstrating this amount of persistence could be the quality that’s going to get you hired right “off the street”.


Free Demonstration

Use the benefits of the modern technology and SHOW what makes you better than anyone else out there. Start your own YouTube channel or webpage where you’ll give out free advices, tips and demonstrate doing what you do best. Have in mind that, when deciding to go public, you must have a unique, interesting way of presenting yourself and the info you supply. Being a popular, known service provider gives you plenty of job opportunities and you can always use this “fame” in case you’re about to keep applying for jobs found in ads or websites of various employment agencies.

So, tell me, would you be willing to think outside of the box if there is even the slightest chance that this way of self promotion would get you the job of your dreams?

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