7 Work Etiquette Tips ...


7 Work Etiquette Tips ...
7 Work Etiquette Tips ...

No one would dispute that the economy today is not what it used to be. In this recession respect in the workplace has become more important than ever. The importance of respect and courtesy is essential to effective communication in and out of the workplace. Research shows that workplace etiquette is essential to keeping a position within a company. Here are some tips to help you reach your career goals... these are 7 indispensable workplace etiquette tips...

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Attitude is Everything

Project a positive attitude no matter what. Whatever is happening in your life you must put it away and walk into work focused and ready to do the best job possible. Don't bring outside, personal problems to work with you, either. Don't be negative, be positive!


No Gossip

Watch your chatter. Gossip can cause irreparable damage to your career not to mention the damage you could do to someone else. Help create a positive work place environment by supporting your fellow employees whether you personally like them or not. And don't waste time on gossip, do something work-related instead!


Above and beyond

Look for ways to do more than just what is required of you. Those who want to achieve much, do much. Show your support to a colleague who may be overloaded and need some help. Be proactive, and don't wait for someone to tell you what to do... be a go-getter!



Make sure that you are not creating problems at work. Remember the kid in school that would copy other kid’s answers just to avoid doing the work. Do not be that person; step up, contribute and be proud of your work.


Show Appreciation

Show that you appreciate the people you work with. Even if you feel a person has not contributed the way you think they should, showing your appreciation for what they have accomplished is more constructive that expressing anger and frustration.


Don’t Be Late

Always be on time for all your appointments, meetings, phone calls, and e- mails. Being prompt reflects a good work ethic. Being on time also shows that you respect the time of others; everyone at a meeting values their time, don’t waste it by being late.


Be Smarter than a 5th Grader

Sounds simple enough but, if everything you write has grammatical errors and misspelled words what message are you sending? Sloppy work reflects poorly on you, and won't help you get ahead! And spell-check is so easy to use... so use it!

We all need encouragement and support in our personal lives and at work. Showing your co-workers respect and applying work etiquette only serves to improve any work environment. What attitudes create the most problems in your work environment and how would you go about bettering the situation? Do you have any other workplace etiquette tips to share?

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