7 Crucial Tips on Telephone Etiquette ...


7 Crucial Tips on Telephone Etiquette ...
7 Crucial Tips on Telephone Etiquette ...

There is no doubt that telephones are here to stay. It is true that social networking sites have made it easier to communicate without having to talk to people, but nothing replaces the importance of a conversation, whether business or personal. Here are some crucial tips on telephone etiquette that will hold you in good stead.

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Check the Number before You Dial

Perhaps the most obvious of all tips on telephone etiquette, it is nonetheless the most overlooked one. Checking the number before you dial will save you time and money and will prevent an uninvolved person from being disturbed.


Time of the Call

Unless it is an emergency or you are on especially on close terms with the person you are calling, be sure to call during reasonable hours. Be considerate of the person you are calling and avoid calling too early in the morning, too late at night, during mealtimes or during weekends and holidays. For business calls, call only during working hours.


Be Nice

This is one of the best tips on telephone etiquette. Never be too busy to be nice to the person on the other side of the line, whether you are making the call or being called. Use appropriate greetings and farewells at the beginning and end of the call.


Speak Clearly

When we speak to people in person, we grasp a lot of what is being said by reading a person’s lips and body language. This advantage is lost during a telephonic conversation. Ensure that your words are clearly audible and that you use an appropriate tone of voice to communicate your message.


Identify Yourself

This is one of the more important tips on telephone etiquette. When you call someone, be sure to identify yourself before you start the conversation. This is especially important when you leave a message on an answering machine. This is also required when you receive calls at your office. Name your company and identify yourself when you take a call.


Keep It Short

Undoubtedly, this is one of the tips on telephone etiquette that applies mainly to business calls, considering there can be no timeline attached to personal calls. If you are calling during business hours, you can readily assume that the person on the other side is busy. Come to the point quickly and stick to it.


Wrong Numbers

They are undoubtedly the bane of telephone calls. However, they are no reason to be rude. If you have dialed a wrong number, apologize before you hang up. If the call you are answering is a wrong number, inform the person courteously.

These tips on telephone etiquette are easy to follow. They do not take up too much of your time or tax you unduly. However, they will go a long way in ensuring that all your calls are pleasant and considerate and that you get the desired result from them by the time you hang up.

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