7 Tips on Playing Super Mario Wii with a Partner ...


7 Tips on Playing Super Mario Wii with a Partner ...
7 Tips on Playing Super Mario Wii with a Partner ...

Super Mario Wii is a blast! I wanted this game so bad when it first came out, but had gotten rid of my Wii, because back then, there weren't many games that I liked on it. Then, would you know, as soon as I got rid of it, tons of games I wanted to play came out. Then, lucky me, the Wii I found came with 10 games and one of them just so happened to be Mario! This system and 10 games only cost 150.00 – that's a great deal. I am going to give you 7 tips on playing Super Mario Wii with a partner

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When your character decides that it is time to die in multiplayer mode, as long as your partner does not die at the same time, a bubble with you char inside it is going to appear. You can shake the Wii remote in order to get closer to your mate so that you can pop the bubble and start playing again.


Float to a Safe Spot

When doing this, make sure your partner knows that you are doing it, because if you do it at the same time, it'll go back to the world menu – When you have problems getting over an edge, just push the 'A' button and you will enter into a bubble, then you can float over to the safe spot. Then, when you're done, your partner can do the same thing, if they are having problems.


Stay Together

It is important that the two of you stay together and move at the same pace. If one player is lagging behind or always dashing ahead, the other player will not be on screen much. I know, players may get confused and mixed together, but this is only fair. You should also keep in mind that the game has a timer for each stage.


Stronger Player

The player that has the best firepower should go first as the enemies approach. This would only make sense, right?


Avoid Sharing Platforms

I learned the hard way that you need to avoid sharing platforms. When the two of you are on the same platform, you will accidentally push the other one off the edge. If this happens, try to push the 'A' button and hopefully you will turn into a bubble.


Use Caution with Bosses

When you are fighting those bosses (some are easy, but some can be hard), you should do so with caution. One player should hang back, while the other player takes action. If the player dies, then the one hanging back should hang back until the other player has hatched from the bubble.



You can grab up enemies (eat them) and use them as projectiles. Let him eat an iceball or fire in order to create a powerful toss. You can even eat your partner and use them to hit those hard to reach heights.

There you have 7 tips on playing Super Mario Wii – I hope you enjoyed these tips. Again, these tips are for beginners who are playing together – would you like to add more tips?

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This is awesome! Thanks! Love Super Mario, it's classic!

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