7 Tips on Playing Call of Duty ...


7 Tips on Playing Call of Duty ...
7 Tips on Playing Call of Duty ...

If you’re a fan of call of duty and need some tips to certain call of duty games. I’m going to give you 7 interesting tips to play any call of duty game online or offline. The call of duty series has been going for a long time now and there making it big being one of the best multiplayer war shooters online today. Please read my 7 Tips on Playing Call of Duty …

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Blend Photo Credit: hvrio

Most call of duty games allow you to hide behind corners and surprise there enemies from a back attack. However, you need to be a good shot or have a shotgun ready. Call of duty modern warfare 1 and 2 has many hiding spots to blend behind to attack the enemy from behind.


Customize Your Weapons

Your weapons can be customized to which ones you want and what attachments you want to use in battle. The shotgun has an extra attachment that gives you better control of your shot. You also can put perks to each customization slot. Do it so it betters your weapon your using. For the large machine guns, try to use bullet penetration and harder impact. This means it hits harder and shoots through walls.


Don’t Run around like Your Head is Cut off

Don’t Run around like Your Head is Cut off Photo Credit: tonyolm

You will get more deaths then kills doing this. Try not to run as soon as you spawn, because this doesn’t give you time to know what is going on and which way the enemy is heading.


Sniping Can Be Good if You’re Good

Sniping Can Be Good if You’re Good Photo Credit: j_bizzle_socalstyle

Sniping people in any call of duty is fun, but takes some skill. When I say skill, this means learning where to go snipe and not allow players to sneak up on you. Also, you need to put more kills out then you would with shooting with automatics or semis. Skills is the answer in this field, but if you can shoot good and keep up. You will be doing well on points.


Aim for Killing Sprees

Aim for Killing Sprees Photo Credit: tonyolm

In the updated call of duty games for the consoles, you will notice that killing sprees award you with special abilities. Call of duty world at war allows you to call on the dogs or air strike. In call of duty modern warfare 1 you are able to call on helicopters or an air strike. These allow more kills and more points.


Work as a Team

Work as a Team Photo Credit: tonyolm

Work with your team to get the most kills for your team or for objective capture the flag games to win. Call of duty isn’t much into objective games, but for their capture the flag, you need to work together. In the first call of duty expansion for the pc, they had an objective game called bases. You would have to destroy the bunker. Very fun and you must work together to destroy the bunkers and set the bombs.


Aim for the Head

Aim for the Head Photo Credit: tonyolm

Always aim for the head, because you will get instant kill. The call of duty series always had the head as being the most critical spot to shoot. Snipers are the most deadly weapon from afar, so use them wisely. You also can get better shots from other guns by shooting at their heads. This is a perfect tip to follow by in game and on multiplayer.

Call of duty has always been up there for being one of the best multiplayer besides the battlefield series. You will find that each call of duty is not the same and takes some skill to beat or be number one online. Did these tips help you?

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I Love call of duty. I hated video games before this game came out. My partner he got me hooked this game.. I am good 2 at it..

This is another fun game. My husband enjoys playing it.

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