7 Tips on Staying Safe on Facebook ...

Facebook is fun. Surely, you have heard of this social networking site before. Who hasn’t? So many out there have a Facebook account. Even businesses have one. I am going to give you 7 tips on staying safe on Facebook …

7. Add Only People You Know

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If you are trying to stay safe on Facebook, then you should not add any strangers as your friends. You should only add people you know, especially if you disclose personal information in your postings.

6. What Are Your Settings?

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Not too long ago, facebook changed their default privacy to share information to the public. I think they should of left the default settings to privacy. However, it is worth the extra time to go through and manually do this.

5. Your Password

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If you use the same password for everything, then people could easily get into your stuff. Try not to use the same passwords for your Facebook account.

4. Watch Where You Sign in from

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You should watch where you sign in from. Make sure the computer you are using does not save the information, which will then allow the next user to access your stuff.

3. Don’t Announce when You Are Going on a Vacation

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I know that you are excited, but announcing that you are going on a vacation on your Facebook is not a good idea, especially if it is set to public. When you do this, you are telling people when you will not be home, which opens your doors to getting your stuff taken.

2. Watch What You Say

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As a general rule, do not post something on your Facebook account that you would not paste on the front of a newspaper. People can take it and post it anywhere. Do you really want to announce that you are going to be all alone tonight? Just as you think before you speak – think before you type.

1. Don’t Let Search Engines Find You

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In order to prevent strangers from even finding your Facebook page, do the following:

Go to Account > Privacy Settings > Search. From here, choose “Only friends” for your Facebook search results.

There you have 7 Tips on Staying Safe on Facebook. I know Facebook is fun, but you still have to follow guidelines to keep yourself safe. Do you have any other tips, other than not posting your home address and phone number?

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