7 Tips on Going Green and Staying Green ...

It is important to treat your environment well, in order to be looked after in return, so that you, your children, grandchildren and so on live a comfortable life. Here are 7 tips on going green and staying green.

7. Shut down Your Computer when Finished Using

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Now this tip applies to both at home and work. When you know that you will not be using your computer for a while turn it off instead of putting it on standby. Again, doing this saves a lot of energy otherwise wasted.

6. Drive Only if Necessary

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So you need to pop down to the local shop, which is only five minutes down the road by foot. Unless you have a medical reason saying otherwise, walking is the best method of getting to the shop or cycling. Even taking a room of public transport is better than driving your car because it means that fewer vehicles are on the road.

5. Buy a Few Reusable Bags

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Yes, they may cost you in the beginning but often they last a long time and are much stronger than the plastic bags supplied by department stores and shops. After all plastic bags can not be recycled and often after a couple of uses they have to been thrown away.

4. Try to Stop as Much Paper Mail as Possible

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