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By Aprille

If you are already familiar with Youtube, then the 8 tips on posting videos on Youtube will most likely not be new to you. However, if you are relatively new to this phenomenon, the following tips could help you to be successful in your postings. Youtube is a great source of entertainment and posting videos can actually be a lot of fun!

8 Shorter Videos Are Sometimes Better than Longer Ones

Shorter Videos Are Sometimes Better than Longer Ones Photo Credit: s_o_p_h_i_e

Of course, this will depend on whether or not you are making a How-To video. In most cases, a fast paced video that is short and to the point is going to get more views than a drawn out video that has a bit of lag here and there. If you are looking into posting a How-To video, then maybe try separating it out into multiple parts.

7 The Title Can Say It All

The Title Can Say It All Photo Credit: sumrow

A catchy title might be the reason someone heads over to view your video. Make sure it is relevant to the video itself. It also helps to toss in a bit of humor, both in the title and the video. A lot of people are looking for a good laugh. If it’s funny to them, they just might be willing to send a link to their friends who also might pass it on to friends of their own. Your video could end up going viral before you know it!

6 Post Regularly

Post Regularly Photo Credit: digitalbear

Making videos and posting them on a regular basis gives your followers something to look forward to. Letting too much time lapse between video postings can cause viewers to forget about you. If you are having trouble coming up with fresh new ideas on videos, then try posting video responses to friends’ videos or popular videos on Youtube.

5 Let Viewers Know What else You’ve Done

Let Viewers Know What else You’ve Done Photo Credit: MobiGates

Once you have people looking at your video, make sure they know you have more to offer. Use the annotations feature supplied by Youtube to show people other videos you have posted. This feature adds an annotation over the video being watched and is a great way to advertise your talents. You can also attach links to other websites you are a part of and get more traffic headed to these sites as well.

4 Ask for Feedback

Ask for Feedback Photo Credit: Natalie Fay

Getting feedback from your audience will help you to know what they are looking for and how you might be able to supply them with what they want. You can ask people to leave general comments or ask specific questions of them. Remember that people are allowed to state their opinion; even if it isn’t one you wish to hear. You’ll have to accept both positive and negative feedback just try to take it in stride and not get too upset by something a complete stranger says.

3 Make Sure the Tags Are Relevant

Make Sure the Tags Are Relevant Photo Credit: 2-Dog-Farm

People apply tags to their video when posting on Youtube in order to draw search engines towards it. There’s nothing more frustrating then searching for something on Youtube and being directed to a video that has nothing to do with a particular tag attached to it. Don’t try to get views by tricking people into accidentally ending up on your video.

2 Record Videos in High Def

Record Videos in High Def Photo Credit: Grin and Barrett

Higher quality videos all tend to have high resolution as well. On Youtube, high resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels. Recording videos in high definition results in videos with a much better quality than those recorded in the standard format. The lighting behind you can also affect the quality of your video. Try using a light source that is in front of you, instead of behind you so that the light enhances images and doesn’t distort their appearance.

1 Use a Good Camera

Use a Good Camera Photo Credit: mauritsonline

Shoddy camera shots are one thing and poor video quality is another. You can have excellent on-camera skills, but if the quality is horrible, not many people are going to want to sit and watch your videos. I know I’ve turned many videos off after just a few seconds, all due to poor quality. Sometimes the camera isn’t the cause for the terrible quality. It’s a good idea to invest in a decent camera though if you are planning on posting a lot of Youtube videos.

Even if you’re already on your way to having a lot of successful posts on Youtube, these 8 tips on posting videos on Youtube might spark other ideas. Feel free to pass these tips on to friends who are new to Youtube, so they might be able to use them. What is the most important tip you have on posting Youtube videos that someone new to video posting might benefit from?

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