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8 Tips for First Timers ...

By Melanie

I actually got this request from one of my readers on Allwomenstalk and I said that I would write a blog for her. Well, it has been approved and I am able to write this blog – 8 tips for first timers. Of course, I’m not going to start off by telling you that it is important to make sure you are ready, because you should already know that one.

8 Slow Motion

You should take things slow. I knew a girl who never had an orgasm in years, then, when she slept with her new boyfriend, she had one. Why is this? This is because he took everything slow. Let your guy know not to rush through everything.

7 Open the Lines of Communication

If something feels good, let him know! This way, he knows he is doing something right. Now, if something does not feel good, just lead him in a different directions.

6 Don’t Plan It

This is not something that you should plan. This is something that should just happen and it should feel right when it does happen. Take me as an example – it just happened – it wasn’t planned. I planned on waiting until marriage … that didn’t last – but I DID marry the guy I lost it too – that has to count for something. Anyhow, as I said, don’t set a specific time to the side to lose your virginity – to me, that’s not fun.

5 Confidence

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If you are confident with your body, then you will have a better experience when having sex. Grooming will give you the confidence you need – make sure your legs and arm pits are shaved. If you’re like me, then you should also make sure everything down below is shaved – need I say more? Guys tend to like it better when it is shaved – I don’t know, it just seems to feel better too.

4 Start by Kissing

Of course, doesn’t sex start with kissing? By this, I mean, start kissing as you are fully clothed. Don’t take your clothes off and jump into bed. Take each others clothes off.

3 Whisper

I always loved whispers in the bed. During intercourse, whisper sweet nothings into your partners ear. Be sure to nibble on his ear a bit – don’t bite too hard though.

2 Going down

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Guys really love it when a girl goes down on them and this is one of my favorite things to do. I know it is your first time having sex, but when you are messing around, perhaps start by going down on him – that will get things cranking.

1 Use a Condom

You can never be too safe – even if you are on birth control and condoms are not one hundred percent effective. Don’t forget to stay safe!

There is no right age for having sex for the first time. No one has put a stamp on “the right age.” When you start to have sex, it is only your business. Sex is special. It is important. Romance and love also go hand in hand with sex. The first time you have sex, it is important. It should not be something you are pressured into. There are plenty of opportunities in life when you can have sex. If you are just not sure, then maybe you can hold it off a bit longer, until you are fully sure – don’t do it just because the guy says “but if you love me, you will do it.” Okay, I just had to get that out in the open and now, I want to know if these will help you out. I’m trying to find a direction to aim at and I hope I hit it.

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