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7 Tips on Buying Stuff from People on Craigslist ...

By Melanie

Oh yes, the ever so popular Craigslist. This site has been in the media more than once for different things. While we are not going to mention those things right here, we are going to give you 7 tips on buying stuff from people on Craigslist …

Table of contents:

  1. meet in a public place
  2. call the person
  3. negotiate
  4. have respect
  5. use cash and exact change
  6. don’t be afraid to ask questions
  7. check over the merchandise before paying

7 Meet in a Public Place

Actually, before I buy something from someone off of Craigslist, I make sure I do my research on the individual. I look at their social networking accounts and see what type of person they are. Of course, people are good manipulators. They may create a false Facebook account to make themselves look good, so you shouldn’t always go by this. Whatever you do, you should meet in a public place during the day time. Whenever I sell stuff on Craigslist, I am sure to meet in public.

6 Call the Person

Sure, they may put their e-mail address, but you should call the person if you are one hundred percent interested in what they have for sale.

5 Negotiate

As a seller on Craigslist, I have found that people always try to haggle the price down. Sometimes, I will go down on the price and sometimes the price is firm. Unless they say the price is firm, try to negotiate a price. Do this before you schedule a time and place to meet.

4 Have Respect

If, in the end, they do not go down on their price, you need to have respect for them. Do not start running your mouth and being rude to them – I hate when people do that. It just shows me the true colors of what happens when the person does not get their way – it makes me say “gee, I didn’t want to meet that type of person anyways.”

3 Use Cash and Exact Change

You have to remember that sometimes, the seller on Craigslist may not have change for you. Therefore, you need to use cash and exact change. You should never give the money in hundreds, especially if the item is only ten bucks.

2 Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

You are the one buying the item, so you should not be afraid to ask any questions that you may have. If something does not sound right, then question it. From time to time, I will ask questions that I know, just to see if the individual knows what they are talking about.

1 Check over the Merchandise before Paying

Of course, it is important that you check over the merchandise before you hand over the money for it. If it is a PSP or some other portable electronic device, you should test it out before you give money. If this is a pet, then look at the pet. Of course, I am the type that would probably take the pet, even if something is wrong, that way I would know I could get the pet help. I have purchased some nice pets on Craigslist.

Those are 7 tips on buying stuff from people on Craigslist. You should make sure you use my tips. List 5 things you have purchased from Craigslist.

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