7 Tips on Selling Things Online ...


7 Tips on Selling Things Online ...
7 Tips on Selling Things Online ...

Do you want some helpful tips on selling things online? Well, I have tons of ideas and tips to share for you. When it comes to selling things online, you need to know exactly the right approach to take and how to advertise. Let me give you my 7 Tips on Selling Things Online …

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Catchy Inventory

What you’re selling is a very important part to success. You need to make sure you sell something other people want. These items can be anything such as electronics, knickknacks, or even collector items. Collector items sell real well and this all determined on what items they are. Rare video games go for tons on ebay or even other online Webstores. You can also sell rare comics or even rare war items from the World War 1 or 2.


Choose the Right Store to Sell on

This is something you need to think about for a long time. You can take three different ideas that I’m about to tell you about. You can do it for free. You can do it with fees and they advertise or you can make a website and do it yourself through a few approaches. The free approach will take signing up with a free Webstore and advertising your store through many techniques. This is a hard approach, but doable. You can use Ecrater or free Webstore, they both provide free services and free to post. If you decide to take the fee way, then you’re going to sign up with eBay or Amazon. These companies allow you to sell your items in their Webstores and they advertise for a fee. Listing fees and selling fees apply as well. If you have a website, you can just use auction software that uses PHP. That’s a hard way too. The choice is yours.



You’re store is going to need to be well known to the public and that means you need to know how to advertise. Article marketing is one way to advertise through web linking. You have to make tons of articles that have revenant information about products you sell and add your link to the bottom of the article. This helps advertise your link through Google and other search engines. Another way to advertise is through Google Adwords or advertising through classified ads. You also can make a banner to allow others websites to use to advertise your products.


Catchy Look to Your Webstore

People like neat looking websites. You can customize your Webstore and the design that best suits you through changing the template. You can easily make another template through FrontPage or some other editor program. The better your site looks, the more customers attract to it.


Avoid Hard Navigation

You should always have an easy navigation for your products. Each product should have its own category. If you have tons of products up for sale on your store, then categories and a search on your store are needed. If you sell some things on the store, you should have one category that can be displayed on a few pages. Most viewers have troubles finding products they want if they’re not labeled correctly.


Try to Stay True to Prices

The price should always be less than retail if you want to sell anything on your store. If you buy stuff at yard sales, flea markets or thrift stores you need to keep track of how much you sold the items for and how much you should resell them for. This will help determine the price of how much you want to sell the item for. You should always have the best prices to be a successful online Webstore.


Shipping Prices and Methods

Always offer tracking numbers for your products. This will help you and the buyer, in case they think you didn’t send the item. If you use PayPal, then this helps you be verified. The price of shipping has increased over the last 2 months and you need to make sure you don’t lose money for shipping. If you ship, try to calculate the shipping cost through the postal services. Try to give an estimated guess that’s close to the shipping price, because some places around the USA cost more to ship.

Always use tracking! This is a major part of shipping your item. If you don’t use tracking, they can claim their money back. You be losing profits and have no item. PayPal will not back you up if you don’t have tracking. The tracking number is the insurance policy for shipping, so use it. Do you have an online Webstore?

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