7 Tips on Celebrating a Birthday ...


7 Tips on Celebrating a Birthday ...
7 Tips on Celebrating a Birthday ...

With neighbors being few and far between and friends being located all over the world, it’s hard to have a birthday party where everyone is able to attend. Despite the lack of geographical closeness between my friends and I, there are still some good ideas I’ve come up with in regards to birthday celebrations. Here are 7 tips on celebrating a birthday for you to use.

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Invite Everyone over for Game Night

Vintage games are the best, but not everyone has the original version of Tiddlywinks or Twister tucked away in a closet. The number of multi-player games is endless. You could even have tournaments for specific games. If you aren’t into board games, then find out if any of your friends have an old Atari or Nintendo game system. Even though the newer game systems blow these two machines right out of the water in terms of graphics, they are still great for hours of enjoyment between friends.


Set up a Drive-in Movie Night in Your Own Backyard

If you happen to have a projector or know of someone who will loan theirs to you, creating a drive-in movie atmosphere is easy. You don’t have to have people sit in their cars, but maybe they could come by bicycle or even just sit on the lawn and enjoy a movie projected on a large white sheet that is hung between a couple of trees. Pop a ton of popcorn or have friends bring their favorite type of candy and soda.


Have a Potluck

There’s something fun and simple about a potluck feast. It could be brunch, lunch, dinner, or maybe a midnight potluck gathering. This is a great way to gather together those you care most about and not have to come up with a way to feed everyone. I’ve always found potluck feasts to be exciting, since you never know what someone will bring. You could even have a potluck where each person brought their favorite dessert instead of a main dish. Talk about sugar overload!


Do Something You Haven’t Done since You Were a Kid

Have a bowling party or maybe a skate party. Remember going to roller skating parties as a kid? Most of my friends held their birthday parties at the local roller rink. I think the parents enjoyed this time as well. We kids were free to roam the place, we could eat snack food without making a mess on the living room carpet, and we could be as loud as we wanted. There was also great music and lots of lights to create the ultimate party mood as well.


Go for a Theme

This is something I’ve never done, but I think it would be great fun. I’ve been to birthday gatherings with themes and they always created an exciting atmosphere and made for some excellent photos too. I actually can’t think of a single theme that I’d like for a birthday party. There are so many good ones out there.


Make It a Group Event

No matter what age you are, I don’t think there’s any reason why someone should spend a birthday alone. I actually think that having a group of friends present makes a birthday a much more memorable event. Have a night out on the town. Go to dinner at your favorite restaurant. Take the gang and hit the movie theater. The possibilities are endless.


Be Spontaneous

There’s no need to plan every birthday festivity out. Go for some spontaneity now and again. Write down a bunch of restaurants on a piece of paper. Make sure to have the names placed randomly all over the page and not in a straight column or row. Throw a dart at the sheet to see where you will go for dinner. Try this same technique with movie listings and see what you get. This is a perfect technique for someone who wants to be spontaneous, but can’t quite decide on what to do.

Maybe these 7 tips on celebrating a birthday are ones you’ve also thought of. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comment section below. What are some ways you’ve celebrated past birthdays that made them truly memorable?

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welllllllll that can be good information but i dont think its all that of a big deal sing happy birthday blow the candals cut the cake open presents eat cake thats it and just play a little games.

Agree with you Denise. Everyone has their own choice. Ideas given along with the normal way suggested by melani eiter both or one may appeal to someone.

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