7 Tips on Repairing an Xbox 360 RROD ...


7 Tips on Repairing an Xbox 360 RROD ...
7 Tips on Repairing an Xbox 360 RROD ...

The X Box 360 is one of the most popular gaming systems of all time, but with this being the number one console, they're are problems. I'm sure you all have heard about the RROD and dread the thought of it happening to your console. I'm going to give you 7 Tips on Repairing an Xbox 360 RROD …

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Know What You’re Doing First

It's a good idea to get acquainted with the problem first and learn how to solve it before beginning. Many people have guides that can help you learn more about what you need to do. So, do this first, before starting the project.


Get Materials That Are Needed

The X box 360 takes a bit of tools to get in it and fix the entire problem. You need a torque 10 screw driver to get the metal plating off to get into the mother board. You also need a flat screw driver to get the white casing off. Thermal glue is needed to put the heat sink and chips back into place.


Know That Just Cleaning the Fan Doesn't Help

When you just clean the fan, it won't help the RROD. This might help ventilation, but don't stop the GPU or motherboard from heating up.


Don't do the Towel Trick

The towel trick is suicide for the X Box 360! This has been attempted by many people and they say it works.. but only for a few hours.. Then you did further damages that may not be repairable.


Choose the Right Method to Fix It

There are a few ways to fix a red ring of death. Choose the right path before proceeding. There is the penny trick and there is the rubber washer trick. Each one consists of insulating the x clamps to avoid overheating.


Avoid Destroying the System

It's quite easy to fry an X Box 360. Make sure you de-statistic yourself and unplug the console from the wall. Power can still be stored on the motherboard and this is why you de-statistic yourself.


Choose a Good Clean Workplace

An organized area is important for success. You might consider using a large table to avoid problems with frying the board or even losing screws. Organization is important when it comes to working on electronic equipment. Avoid drinking fluids near the system too, because it's real easy to spill something on the motherboard.

Do you have a problem with the RROD? Well, it's not too hard to fix all by yourself, if you take my tips wisely. It's real easy to short or fry the console, if you have it open and exposed. Are you going to try to fix your RROD problem?

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I'm too scared to even try to do any of those stuff... I think I will just ask my cousin to help me out.

just kick it....haha just kidding

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