8 Useful Tips for Public Speaking ...


8 Useful Tips for Public Speaking ...
8 Useful Tips for Public Speaking ...

Public speaking has got to be one of the biggest fears amongst mankind. There are many aspects of public speaking that can scare people whether it is the fear of forgetting what to say or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. The biggest fear is that we will end up ridiculing and humiliating ourselves. Here are some useful tips for public speaking to help you overcome your fears.

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Focus on the Message, Not Yourself

This is one of the most useful tips for public speaking. It is important to remember that you are in front of people to deliver a message. The message is more important to the people than you are. Focus on the message and not on yourself and you will find it easy to speak in front of the people.


Study the Masters

If you have an upcoming speech to make, take some time to study the masters of the field. Check out YouTube for masterful speakers like Martin Luther King Jr., Winston Churchill, etc. Study their articulation, pauses, gestures and body language and learn from them.


Groom Yourself Well

There is no doubt that when you are speaking in front of people, their attention is going to be focused on you as well as on what you say. If you are dressed sharply and professionally, you will feel both ready and comfortable about being in the public eye.


Know Your Topic Well

This is one of the most basic and useful tips for public speaking. Even pros don’t attempt to make a speech without any preparation. Know your material, study it well and know what you are going to say well before you get up to make your speech. This preparation will help you be confident. Structure your message with a proper introduction and a conclusion.


Practice Your Speech

This is another one of the useful tips for public speaking that will hold you in good stead. Stand in front of the mirror and practice your speech. Focus not just on what you are saying, but also your hand gestures, facial expression and body language.


Know Your Audience

Every speech has a purpose and every audience has an expectation. If you are making a presentation at office, you are imparting some information. If you are speaking in front of clients or investors, you are trying to convince them. Know the purpose of the speech and the expectation of the audience and prepare and deliver the speech accordingly.


Take Help from Friends and Family

This is the best way you can perfect the art of public speaking. Before your speech, request your friends or family members to be your audience and speak in front of them. Ask them for advice, suggestions and comments and use these inputs to improve your ability in public speaking.


Carry Notes with the Most Important Points

Some people read out messages word for word. I am not a big fan of this. I would like the speaker to make eye contact and be spontaneous. If you fear that you might lose way in between your speech, carry notes of the most important points which will help you get back on track.

These are some very useful tips for public speaking and have been used time and again by people preparing to speak in front of an audience. Following these tips may not make your fear of public speaking go away, but will surely enable you to overcome them courageously.

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thank you for the great tips :)

Remind me King's Speech! :) "All Women Speech"

The notes one and practice are the most important. If you are looking down at a piece of paper the whole time you will blow it. Anyone can read a speech. The delivery is what makes it powerful.

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