8 Tips on Avoiding Hackers ...


8 Tips on Avoiding Hackers ...
8 Tips on Avoiding Hackers ...

One of the most annoying things that can happen to my computer would be a hacker stole all my personal information. Once a hacker attacks your computer, they can ruin your computer in matter of seconds. They can download all your personal data to a computer or flash drive. Now, let’s talk about my blog about 8 Tips on Avoiding Hackers …

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Avoid Downloading from Torrent Websites

Torrent websites are major back doors to viruses, malware and Trojans. You can also get some bad adware that makes you click on unwanted pop ups. These programs that invade your computer can ruin your hard drive, erase .dll files and change windows settings. There are even programs that allow hackers to get your information through key logging your typed keys. This means it tracks your websites you visit and give them all the passwords to everything that was visited.


Download a Firewall

A good firewall program is needed for any computer that uses a Windows OS. Firewalls can block unwanted activity that you can’t see harming your computer. Hackers can move in fast and attack and then no traces of them is found. A firewall will get them every time and it will show the intruders IP. This can help you tell your service provider of who is attacking your computer. They can block them, but the firewall will do that if you tell it too.


Virus Protection

Viruses are the main cause if a hacker gets into your computer. You can get a backdoor virus that allows the user or hacker to invade files on the computer. Viruses also can cause windows to become unstable and you will need a new reformat the hard drive.


Avoid Sexual Websites (Porn)

These websites are grouse to begin with and they are always virus infected. They have tons of adware and malware ready to attach itself to your computer. These websites are never safe to begin with, so avoid them. Who wants to look at that grouse stuff anyway?


Avoid Keygenators

These keygenators provide the users with programs that allow the programs that cost work for free with a simple CD key it produces. All keygenators have some sort of adware, malware or backdoor viruses waiting to infect your computer. Also you should avoid cracked software as well, they too have bad viruses and other hacker tools attached.


Avoid Email Attachments

Another way for hackers to get to the user is to send attachments. Most email providers have free scanners that tell you if their virus infected. This can help you avoid unwanted viruses that can allow hackers in.


Avoid Email Links

Links that have no details to where they go means automatic trouble. This can be a small file that is downloaded without your consent. This could be a tracker that allows them to attack the computer and provide them with all the passwords to your personal information.


Avoid Free Download Anything

If it’s free on the Internet and it’s free to download.. It might be a virus. There are not many websites that give download software free without a price. Adware isn’t illegal and it’s a way for companies to advertise. Some free to download software can be easy software that allows hackers to be invited in your computer.

The one thing you need to know to avoid hackers at all cost, you need to buy a good security package. Here are a few programs I use to make sure my information is protected and they would be AVG 2011 and Zone alarm 2011 security suit. These programs will keep you safe and keep the computer running at 100% safe. Do you have hackers invading your computer and need help?

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Its freaking to be hacked.

change your passwords every week!

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