7 Tips on Playing Borderlands ...


7 Tips on Playing Borderlands ...
7 Tips on Playing Borderlands ...

If you’re looking for a new first-person shooter game to take a crack at, try Borderlands. The graphics remind me a lot of comic book sketches. It’s a very creative piece of work and a rather difficult game to play. I always like a good challenge though! Here are 7 tips on playing Borderlands if you get the chance or have recently looked into purchasing this excellent game.

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Level up with Side Missions

There is always the main quest to complete, but a number of side missions pop up all the time too. Accept and complete these missions to claim rewards, achievements, and experience. As you know by now, experience helps you to level up. The more experience you get, the quicker you level up.


Collecting Rare Items

Secret chests can be found within the game in various locations. Look for these chests to collect rare items. The Eridian Pormontory and Rust Commons West are two areas where these secretive chests can be located. In the Eridian Promontory, go along the right side of the map until you come to an invisible wall. Jump around a bit and the chest will be in front of you. As for the Rust Commons West, climb over some rocks and look in the top left hand corner.


Complete Challenges

One example of such a challenge is known as the 12 Days of Pandora. This challenge has a lot of requirements that must be met before it can be completed. It will depend on which system you are using as to what you get upon completion. For instance, Playstation 3 gives the player a bronze trophy and Xbox 360 gives 30 gamerscore. Master the technology of Pandora and get the 12 Days of Pandora achievement to give yourself a good boost.


Gaining EXP

An easy way to gain round 20,000 EXP involves a bit of time. I said it was easy, not quick! Get in a vehicle and drive to an area where your character will be safe. There’s no sense in going through all this time and effort to gain EXP and then get yourself killed. Take a piece of tape or a heavy object and place it on top of the button used for firing. If you leave for a while, say a couple of hours, and then come back to the game, you should have plenty if EXP.


Check Enemies for Weapons

Feel free to frisk your dead enemy for any weapons that may be present. This is a good way to collect a wide variety of weaponry rather quickly. Borderlands is known for having a phenomenal collection of guns to choose from. Gather all you can and don’t forget the ammo! Look for the green glow that objects give off when you are trying to find scopes and stocks for guns. Get on high ground and it will be much easier to see the glowing objects.


Gathering Guns

New Haven is just one of the locations where red chests are found. If you know of another place, then suit yourself and search one of those areas instead. Look for every red chest you can possible find and open them all. Once this is achieved, quit and save the game. Reload the save file and you’ll find that you have everything that was contained within the chests, plus the chests are still closed. This means you get to open them all again and collect the goods inside. You can do this to your little heart’s content.


Obtaining the Rider

This weapon is named after the Red Ryder BB Gun in the movie ‘A Christmas Story’. The Rider is made by Gearbox, instead of one of the other weapons manufacturers seen throughout the game. It is found in the basement of a house behind Helen Pierce’s building in New Haven, but you have to have the mission: Another Piece of the Puzzle. You don’t have to have this mission completed to get The Rider. You’ll have to ride an elevator to the basement and fight some midgets and psychos before you actually get to call the gun your own.

I hope you find these 7 tips on playing Borderlands to be insightful to the many possibilities Borderlands has to offer. The RPG elements add a lot to this sci-fi first-person shooter game. With four dynamic characters to choose from, I think you’ll really enjoy playing Borderlands. Have you gotten the chance to play Borderlands often? What do you like most about it?

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Most of these weren't really tips and were kind of obvious, and 4 just seemed kind of stupid. The whole point of playing a game is because its fun, so that just ruins it. =\

I think these are good tips and can't be better than that. Like any other RPG, you level up and collect rare items. World of warcraft is the same way. You constantly gear up and with the new expansion the gearing is endless. These tips are helpful to anyone that hasn't played borderlands. Also, how much more can be said? Tips to playing borderlands. Well, what she said was exactly what i would give if I was explaining tips for playing borderlands. Rare items in this game is endless too. LOL tip number 4 sounds like something i would do.. It's true though.. the vehicle helps you get fast exp. And you do need exp in the game to level.. ever tried killing a level 17 when your level 13.. almost impossible. Good blog anyway aprille!

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